Equalitas SRL, established in 2015 by Federdoc and Unione Italiana Vini, is an entity focused on enhancing wine sustainability. Initially formed to continue the efforts of the Forum for Wine Sustainability and the UIV-Tergeo project, Equalitas has since expanded with partners like CSQA Certificazioni, Valoritalia, and Gambero Rosso. This partnership harnesses a wide range of skills and expertise, aiming to address sustainability comprehensively across economic, social, and environmental facets.

The mission of Equalitas revolves around promoting sustainability within the agrifood and wine industries, primarily through a distinct approach that integrates the interests of businesses, society, and the market. At its core, Equalitas strives to propagate a unique sustainability model in the wine industry, underscored by the social, environmental, and economic pillars. The organization seeks to establish a global Italian model of sustainable quality through the Equalitas-Sustainable Wine standard. This standard encourages wineries to adopt internal Sustainability Management Systems and produce annual Sustainability Reports, ensuring continuous improvement in sustainability standards.

The Equalitas-Sustainable Wine standard is tailored for the wine industry's supply chain and emphasizes certification at three levels: the producer (Organization standard), the finished product (Product standard), and the Terroir (Terroir standard). It aims to foster sustainable development by integrating sustainability into corporate management practices, requiring certification by independent authorities, and promoting transparency and continuous commitment to sustainability goals. This standard also supports a collective brand for market communication.

Furthermore, Equalitas maintains a dynamic component through the Q&A Equalitas document, which contains periodic updates, interpretations, or amendments to the Equalitas Standard and the Implementing Regulation. These updates are formally integrated into the Standard or Implementing Regulation following a formal revision process.

For more information on the Equalitas standard, download the Q&A on the Standard.

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