Terra Vitis

Terra Vitis

Founded over a quarter-century ago in the renowned wine region of Beaujolais, France, Terra Vitis has emerged as a pivotal force in French viticulture. It stands alone as the first national-level certification dedicated to sustainable viticulture in France, a testament to its unique and significant role in the industry.

The certification embodies a rigorous standard, demanding unparalleled commitment from its member wineries to uphold the principles of sustainable viticulture. These wineries are not just maintaining, but actively elevating, the delicate balance between environmental stewardship, societal well-being, and the economic viability of winegrowing.  

Terra Vitis is more than a certification; it's a beacon of sustainable excellence, guiding the French wine sector towards a future where harmony with nature, society, and economy is not just an aspiration, but a realized practice.

Environmental Protection is one of the three pillars of Terra Vitis. This commitment is reflected in the implementation of specific actions aimed at:

  • Preserving water, soil and air from pollution;
  • Promoting biodiversity by maintaining the natural balance of soils and ecosystems;
  • Optimizing and limiting the use of natural resources and raw materials; and
  • Ensuring that all actions are energy efficient.

Some of the actions carried out by Terra Vitis producers include:

  • Minimize the use of machinery harmful to the soil and the environment;
  • Conscientious management of water for irrigation;
  • Use cover crops to avoid accelerated soil erosion;
  • Implementation of physical or biological techniques to control pests and diseases, instead of using pesticides;
  • Implement mechanical methods for weed control instead of herbicides; and
  • Reuse of vineyard residues, such as grape skins or pruning residues.

Social Responsibility is an integral part of Terra Vitis' approach, with the objective of:

  • Ensure the safety and well-being of employees;
  • Ensure the safety of consumers and neighbours;
  • Ensure product quality;
  • Ensure quality monitoring and traceability; and
  • Ensure the well-being and health of all.

Some of the actions carried out by Terra Vitis producers include:

  • Ensuring the availability of adequate work equipment;
  • Ensuring that the work environment is clean and safe for workers;
  • Providing training to employees and employers; and
  • Conducting periodic risk assessments.

Sustainability is the 3rd pillar of Terra Vitis and is aimed at:  

  • Maintaining the number of plants and trees in the vineyard, avoiding deforestation to increase profitability;
  • Using practices that allow the soil to regenerate after cultivation; and
  • Choosing suppliers and distributors that are guided by sustainable standards.

Terra Vitis is governed by a Board of Directors, collaborates closely with 3 associations and serves the interests of 1880 grape and winegrowers.

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