Bourgogne Wine Board

Bourgogne Wine Board

The Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB), steered by its elected members, plays a pivotal role in uniting the viticulture and négoce sectors within the Bourgogne wine region to set strategic objectives. With a robust membership base including 266 maisons de négoce, 16 cooperative cellars, and 3,577 wine-producing estates, the BIVB is at the forefront of representing and safeguarding the interests of Bourgogne wine producers. Funded through mandatory subscriptions from wine professionals, which are determined by appellation category and production volumes, the BIVB operates on an annual budget of approximately 10 million euros, under the watchful eye of state financial oversight.

Established through an inter-ministerial decree in 1975 and reaching its current structure in 1989 after merging various wine trade committees and federations, the BIVB serves as a guardian of quality within the Bourgogne wine industry. The board is organized into four main departments, each with distinct responsibilities but united in their mission to enhance the reputation and quality of Bourgogne wines.

  1. Technical and Quality Department: This department offers expert support to wine professionals through various means, including a vintage observatory, financing research and studies, quality monitoring, and promoting sustainable practices. Its overarching goal is to continuously improve the quality of Bourgogne wines, respecting traditional methods while incorporating modern scientific discoveries and environmental considerations.
  2. Market and Development Department: Focused on providing valuable market insights, this department assists wine professionals in planning effective sales strategies both domestically and internationally.
  3. Marketing and Communication Department: Tasked with the French and global promotion of Bourgogne wines, this department designs and implements targeted marketing campaigns and educational initiatives aimed at key industry influencers and consumers, thereby supporting the region's wine sales.
  4. Administrative and Financial Department: Ensuring the smooth operation of the Bourgogne wine trade, this department manages the BIVB's financial health and administrative functions.

Together, these departments work in concert to uphold the BIVB's commitment to quality, tradition, and innovation, ensuring the Bourgogne wine region's legacy continues to thrive on the global stage.

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