Conseil des vins du Québec (CVQ)

Conseil des vins du Québec (CVQ)

The Conseil des Vins du Québec (CVQ) was established 35 years ago as the Association des Vignerons du Québec, with a vision to unite winegrowers and advocate for the Quebec wine industry. Today, it represents nearly 150 members, including 110 vineyards, working together to promote and develop viticulture in Quebec. The CVQ fulfills its role by addressing issues related to producers' prosperity, marketing, distribution, and research. Various committees, consisting of winegrowers and industry partners, actively contribute to these objectives. The Marketing Committee focuses on promoting vineyards and their products, while the Research and Development Committee influences research priorities. The Strategic Development Committee plays a key role in implementing projects, and the Trade, Markets, Regulations Committee manages distribution networks. Additionally, the CVQ engages in interprovincial and international affairs, and the Member Relations Committee organizes events tailored to members' needs.

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