Consorzio Cortona Vini

Consorzio Cortona Vini

Founded in the blossoming season of spring in the year 2000, Consorzio Cortona Vini stands as a sentinel for the integrity, quality, and illustrious reputation of the wines bearing the Cortona DOC label. The Consortium is not just a regulatory body; it is the heartbeat of a wine culture steeped in a rich amalgam of tradition and innovation, authenticity and global appeal.

In its pivotal role, the Consortium is vested with the responsibility of control and protection of Cortona DOC wines. Through rigorous and continuous quality checks, it safeguards the prestige and image of the Cortona denomination, ensuring that every bottle that reaches the consumer is a testament to the high standards and distinctive character that define Cortona wines.

Yet, the influence of Consorzio Cortona Vini extends beyond the vineyards and cellars; it is woven into the tapestry of wine knowledge and appreciation at both local and international levels. Through a robust framework of cultural, informative, and promotional activities, the Consortium actively disseminates knowledge about Cortona DOC wines. These initiatives, carefully curated and executed, illuminate the uniqueness of Cortona wines, fostering a deeper understanding and growing affinity among wine enthusiasts around the globe.

With approximately 60 manufacturing companies under its aegis, the Consortium represents a diverse spectrum of wine brands. This rich mosaic includes brands that have sprouted and thrived in the fertile soils of the Cortona region, embodying the spirit and legacy of the land. Then, there are brands of more recent origin, weaving new threads into the historical tapestry, and yet others that command international recognition and reverence.

The latter category of international brands has not only embraced the Cortona region but has also invested substantially in it. Their trust and investment in Cortona are a glowing endorsement of the region’s potential and the enduring appeal of its wines.

Entrusted with the noble task of being the stewards and champions of Cortona wines, Consorzio Cortona Vini is committed to interpreting, transmitting, and guaranteeing the quality of these esteemed wines. Through an array of initiatives rolled out meticulously throughout the year, both within Italy and on the international stage, the Consortium ensures that the melody of Cortona wines continues to enchant palates and hearts across continents.

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