Consorzio di Tutela DOC Sicilia

Consorzio di Tutela DOC Sicilia

The Consorzio di Tutela DOC Sicilia stands as the guardian and promoter of the Sicilia Doc wines, a testament to Sicily's rich viticultural heritage. This journey commenced on November 22, 2011, when the Denomination of Controlled Origin for Sicilian wines was born, courtesy of a decree by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies. Building upon this foundation, on June 12, 2012, the very visionaries who championed the recognition of Sicilia Doc came together to establish the Consortium for the Protection of Doc Sicilia Wines. With an assembly of around 3,000 dedicated winegrowers, this consortium holds a unique status, meriting the erga omnes recognition from the Ministry itself due to its expansive representation.

At its core, the consortium undertakes the mantle of safeguarding, exalting, educating, and advancing the sphere of Sicilia DOC wines. Its shield of protection extends to ward off potential imitations and infringements of the "Sicily" denomination. In light of this, the consortium took the initiative to secure its identity through the registration of the mosaic Sicily figurative trademark, a symbol of Sicilian unity. This mark becomes the beacon that illuminates its promotional efforts, which are often driven by co-financed projects through the Rural Development Plan of Sicily and the CMO wine funds. An array of events and initiatives take flight, all orchestrated to showcase the brilliance of Sicilia Doc wines.

The consortium operates as a conduit for communicating the vibrant heritage of Sicilian wine. Its efforts extend to engaging with journalists, influencers, and luminaries within the vinicultural realm. Press releases, interviews, tastings, tours, and focused events weave a narrative of Sicily's wine tapestry, highlighting its quality evolution, dedication to sustainability, and the tapestry of microclimates, soils, and vines that make Sicily an enigmatic haven.

This entity carries out pivotal roles that encompass the realm of Market Surveillance. Through vigilant agents, it orchestrates checks on Sicilia Doc wines circulating in the market, ensuring their fidelity to production standards. Collaborating closely with the Central Quality Inspectorate and Fraud Repression's regional hubs, it orchestrates these assessments, bolstered by laboratory analyses to authenticate the wines' attributes. An innovative stride was taken in 2017 when a bilateral agreement was inked with the Prosecco Doc Consortium and the Abruzzo Wine Consortium. This pact authorized supervisory agents to oversee both denominations, fortifying inspections across territories.

An indispensable facet of the consortium's responsibilities lies in the Regulation of the DOC. These Denominations of Controlled Origin stand as emblematic of quality wines tethered to specific territories and production methodologies. The path to securing the esteemed DOC "Sicilia" began with trade associations submitting applications to the Region, undergoing meticulous assessments to align the denomination with its essence. The culmination came with the Ministerial Decree of November 22, 2011, a pivotal moment etched in the Sicilian vinicultural legacy.

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