Consorzio di Tutela Monti Lessini

Consorzio di Tutela Monti Lessini

The Consorzio di Tutela Monti Lessini is an organization focused on safeguarding and promoting the viticultural and vinicultural heritage of the Monti Lessini region in northern Italy. They aim to preserve the authenticity and reputation of the region's high-quality wines through strict adherence to traditional production methods and geographical origin. The Consortium collaborates with local producers and experts to improve and innovate winemaking techniques while also emphasizing sustainable practices to protect the natural environment. By supporting local farmers and stimulating rural tourism, they contribute to the economic and social development of the region. Ultimately, the Consorzi di Tutela Monti Lessini plays a crucial role in preserving the unique charm and flavors of the Monti Lessini wines and sharing them with the world.

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Monti Lessini
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