Consorzio Valpolicella

Consorzio Valpolicella

The Consortium for the Protection of Valpolicella Wines plays a fundamental role within the region, as it is a key player in promoting and enhancing the wines of the region to the rest of the world but also in defending the interests of the Valpolicella DOC producers and raising the quality of the wines produced in the region.

However, the Consorzio's tasks do not end there. It also plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing the sustainability of wine production, and that producers' practices have the least negative impact on the environment. Thus, it is possible to protect the beautiful natural landscapes of Valpolicella, promoting tourism. One of the pillars to ensure wine sustainability is the National Quality System of Integrated Production (SQNPI). This voluntary certification implies that certified companies use innovative techniques in the vineyard, which have less impact on the soil and the natural environment of Valpolicella.

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