Consorzio Valsusa DOC

Consorzio Valsusa DOC

Nestled in the picturesque embrace of the Valsusa Valley, the Consorzio Valsusa DOC tells a story of resilience and revival that reads like a love letter to Italy's winemaking heritage. In a land marked by decades of abandonment, where the vineyards once danced to the rhythm of nature, a remarkable transformation began in 1989, breathing life back into the vines and rekindling the flame of professional viticulture in the Valsusa DOC.

This renaissance, born out of dedication and fueled by a profound appreciation for the exceptional natural beauty that graces the Valsusa Valley, was set into motion by the visionary "Vineyard Project for the enhancement of areas of exceptional naturalistic value." This ambitious endeavor, supported by the Ministry for the Environment and orchestrated by the then Comunità Montana in collaboration with the University, CNR, and the Piedmont Region, sparked the regeneration of a forgotten viticultural paradise.

As the vineyards were lovingly nurtured back to life across 9 hectares between Giaglione and Chiomonte, the region's native vines began to flourish once more. These resilient grape varieties, uniquely adapted to the challenging mountain terrain, found their place on slopes that kissed the sky, amidst the ancient dry stone walls that bore witness to centuries of winemaking history.

In 1997, the culmination of these efforts was marked by the coveted recognition of the Valsusa DOC, a testament to the region's commitment to quality and tradition. And in 1999, the birth of the Protection Consortium solidified their dedication to preserving this viticultural treasure trove.

Today, the Consorzio Valsusa DOC thrives as a vibrant community of small-scale "heroic" winemakers, each a custodian of their unique wines, and all united by a shared passion for the land and its rich heritage. They are the architects of a winemaking renaissance, painstakingly restoring the landscape to its former glory and nurturing vines that have found their home amid the mountains.

As you raise a glass of Valsusa DOC wine, you're not just savoring its rich flavors; you're toasting to a story of resilience, a testament to the enduring spirit of those who have breathed life back into this enchanted valley, preserving the past while embracing the future of Italian winemaking.

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