Consorzio Vino Custoza

Consorzio Vino Custoza

The Consorzio di Tutela Vini Custoza was created in 1972, and since then has been responsible for the promotion of the Custoza DOC winemaking activity, as well as the defense of the interests of the producers. All this is possible thanks to a sustainable approach based on some key pillars: 

  • Participation in key regional, national and international wine events.
  • Ensuring that the presence of the Vini Custoza brand is strong in various media, such as magazines or internet portals, always disseminating the characteristics that make the wines of this DOC unique.
  • Organization of master classes and tasting events where wine enthusiasts and various actors of the wine world can appreciate the great diversity of wines produced in the DOC Custoza.
  • Diffusion of new winemaking techniques among the producers, more environmentally friendly.

It is precisely the sustainable approach of the region that took on greater strength since 1980, and thanks to the joint work between producers and the consortium it was possible to give an added value to the regional wines, and therefore a better positioning in the market, through the organic certification that has more than 25% of the production of the DOC Custoza.

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