Ontario Craft Wineries

Ontario Craft Wineries

The Ontario Craft Wineries Association (OCWA) stands as a cornerstone in the burgeoning VQA wine sector in Ontario. The association endeavors to empower, uplift, and promote the Ontario wine industry, with a pronounced focus on craft and VQA wines. Through its strategic initiatives, OCWA is dedicated to fostering an environment that accentuates quality, sustainability, and growth. Here’s a deeper dive into their strategic priorities:

1. Advocate:

  • Financial Stability of Members: The association recognizes the financial challenges inherent to the wine industry. By advocating for suitable funding, resources, and economic policies, OCWA ensures that member wineries remain financially robust, allowing them to produce exceptional wines without compromising on quality.
  • Regulatory & Public Policy Framework: The OCWA strives for a legislative backdrop that facilitates the expansion of the VQA wine sector. The association lobbies for rules and regulations that are friendly to wineries, making it attractive for both existing stakeholders and potential new entrants to invest in Ontario’s wine sector.
  • Sustainable Grape Growing: Ontario’s wine country is a natural treasure. Ensuring sustainable grape farming practices is pivotal not only for the present generation but also for future ones. OCWA underscores the importance of environmental stewardship, promoting practices that safeguard the ecological integrity of the region.

2. Promote:

  • Innovative Marketing: In a competitive global wine market, distinguishing Ontario VQA wines is crucial. OCWA directs and influences cutting-edge marketing strategies that make Ontario VQA wines the preferred choice for consumers, thus amplifying their reach and demand.
  • Education & Engagement: Knowledge is the wine industry's best friend. The association takes on the mantle of educating its members, ensuring they are abreast with the latest trends, best practices, and opportunities. Concurrently, OCWA actively fosters dialogue with stakeholders to cultivate a holistic and informed industry outlook.

3. Collaboration:

  • Common Ground with Stakeholders: The wine industry thrives on synergy. OCWA is dedicated to finding common ground with industry stakeholders. Whether it's vineyard owners, distributors, or policy-makers, the association endeavors to forge relationships based on mutual respect and shared goals.
  • Trusted Voice for VQA Producers: In a rapidly evolving sector, OCWA stands as the reliable voice representing Ontario's VQA wine producers. The association is not only an advocate but also a spokesperson, ensuring that the concerns, aspirations, and achievements of the VQA sector are effectively communicated to a wider audience.

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