Villamagna DOC

Villamagna DOC

Nestled in the heart of Italy, the tranquil countryside of Villamagna boasts a rich heritage that winds back the hands of time to 1323. It was then that this verdant land first found its mention in the "Register of Parchments" of the Archiepiscopal Curia of Chieti, standing out as a proud expanse of flourishing vineyards. These vines weren't just any crops - they bore significance, marking them as prized possessions subject to tithes to the Theatine diocese.

Standing tall as a testament to this enduring connection between the Curia and Villamagna is the majestic 16th-century archiepiscopal palace. Perched on the town’s zenith, the palace is more than just a historical marvel; it’s a vantage point offering breathtaking panoramas of endless vineyards stretching out to the horizon.

But like any great story, Villamagna’s relationship with viniculture underwent its trials. The years following World War II brought about transformative changes. The vineyards witnessed a rebirth, as the town's historic families began to shape and refine a unique wine that embodied the robust spirit and gentle heart of Abruzzo.

The tale took another enthralling turn as the 20th century neared its end. A dedicated mission to elevate Villamagna's winemaking potential blossomed. Through the harmonious collaboration between seasoned technicians and passionate local wineries, a meticulous exploration began. They delved deep into the soil's very essence, evaluated past harvests, studied the vineyard orientations, and focused on the Montepulciano clones. Their relentless pursuit bore fruit in the picturesque locales of Villamagna and the neighboring towns of Vacri and Bucchianico. Here, they discovered a golden enclave, a patch of land destined to produce stellar red wines.

It was this momentous discovery that in 2011 gave birth to the prestigious appellation - the Villamagna DOC. A name, a legacy, a promise of unparalleled red wines that speak volumes of a journey spanning centuries.

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