Vins du Quebec

Vins du Quebec

Vins du Quebec is an association representing the wineries and vineyards in the province of Quebec, Canada. With a focus on promoting and supporting the Quebec wine industry, the association plays a vital role in raising awareness of Quebec wines.

Quebec's unique climate and terroir present challenges and opportunities for winemakers, resulting in the production of distinct and noteworthy wines. Vins du Quebec works to showcase the diversity and quality of these wines, both locally and internationally.

Through marketing campaigns, events, and educational initiatives, Vins du Quebec highlights the craftsmanship and passion of its members. The association fosters collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and innovation within the Quebec wine community, ensuring the continued growth and success of the industry.

With a commitment to excellence and a desire to establish Quebec as a recognized wine region, Vins du Quebec invites wine enthusiasts to discover and appreciate the unique flavors and expressions found in Quebec wines.

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