Wine Grape Council SA

Wine Grape Council SA

The Wine Grape Council of SA (WGCSA) represents South Australian grapegrowers, funded through a voluntary levy on all winegrapes sold from SA vineyards. With a vision for a thriving and sustainable South Australian Wine Grape Industry, the WGCSA aims to enhance the livelihoods of Growers and their communities through agricultural practices, innovation, education, relationships, and culture.

The WGCSA's core objectives are to provide Grape Growers with a united voice to various stakeholders, including Industry, Wineries, Government, and other forums. It identifies and prioritizes projects that benefit its members, while also sharing valuable information, tools, resources, and knowledge to support Growers. Guided by key values like culture, collaboration, accountability, courage, and genuineness, the WGCSA actively advocates for Growers at State and National levels, striving to minimize potential issues and enhance grape growing sustainability and profitability.

The organization fosters relationships within the wider agriculture industry and facilitates information sharing through Grower-centric events. It works towards a unified State Industry Body for the success and sustainability of the SA Wine and Grape Industry Plan. Additionally, the WGCSA endeavors to provide leadership, inclusion, and ample training and development opportunities to empower businesses involved in wine grape growing.

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