Wine Growers Ontario

Wine Growers Ontario

The Wine Growers Ontario Association is a collective and collaborative organization dedicated to enhancing the visibility, recognition, and economic significance of the Ontario grape and wine industry. Founded on principles of trust, integrity, and shared responsibility, the association's mission is to establish a strong partnership among all stakeholders involved in the industry. By fostering consumer preference through the delivery of high-quality products across diverse market segments, the association aims to elevate the reputation and desirability of Ontario wines.

The primary mission of the Wine Growers Ontario Association is to elevate the profile of the Ontario grape and wine industry. This is achieved through a multi-faceted approach that involves partnering with stakeholders to emphasize the economic and community value of the industry. By prioritizing quality and value, the association aims to create a distinct consumer preference for Ontario wines in both local and international markets.

The association envisions a future where growers and wineries work in synergy to cultivate a grape and wine industry that is responsive to consumer demands. This industry is not only sustainable and profitable but also prioritizes the interests of all stakeholders. By aligning the grape and wine industry with consumer preferences, the association strives to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between growers, wineries, and consumers.

The Wine Growers Ontario Association is firmly rooted in a set of guiding principles that drive its actions and decisions:

  1. Trust and Integrity: The association emphasizes the importance of maintaining trust and integrity among all members of the industry. This commitment to ethical conduct ensures a collaborative and respectful environment that benefits everyone involved.
  2. Shared Risk and Reward: The association believes that building a robust and sustainable industry requires sharing both risks and rewards. By collectively investing in the long-term success of the industry, participants can achieve a balanced and equitable outcome.
  3. Fair Treatment: The association is dedicated to ensuring fair treatment of all segments within the Ontario grape and wine industry. This inclusivity promotes diversity and strengthens the industry's overall resilience.
  4. Quality and Price: The association recognizes that both quality and price are essential drivers of competitive grape and wine pricing. By offering high-quality products at competitive prices, the industry can attract a wider range of consumers.
  5. Regulated Framework: The association envisions the long-term evolution of the industry within a regulated framework. This framework provides structure and accountability while allowing for flexibility to adapt to changing market dynamics.

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