Wines of Crete

Wines of Crete

Wines of Crete is an association dedicated to promoting and developing the Cretan winemaking industry. Established in 2006, the association operates through cooperative efforts and synergies among its members. The core production of bottled wines began in the Prefecture of Heraklion, which served as the initial impetus for the formation of Wines of Crete. Subsequently, the Heraklion Winemakers' Network was created, followed by the establishment of the Chania-Rethymnon Winemakers' Network two years later. The network expanded further with the inclusion of the Prefecture of Lasithi.

The primary objective of Wines of Crete is to consistently promote Cretan wine, both locally and internationally. This involves showcasing the uniqueness and quality of Cretan wines and overcoming any previous perception of the region as being focused on mass production. The association also seeks to develop wine tourism on the island, taking advantage of the various advantages that Cretan tourism offers. To achieve these goals, Wines of Crete focuses on educating consumers and professionals about Cretan wine through organized tastings and exhibitions.

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