Wines of South Africa

Wines of South Africa

The Wines of South Africa (WoSA) association plays a pivotal role in representing and promoting the South African wine industry on a global scale. Established in 1999, WoSA is a fully inclusive, not-for-profit organization that serves over 500 wine producers, including all major exporters from the region. As an independent body, it operates without ties to any producer, wholesaler, or government department, though it is acknowledged by the government as an Export Council. The association is financed through a statutory levy on every litre of natural and sparkling wine exported.

WoSA's primary mission is to bolster the export of South African wines across key international markets, focusing not only on traditional markets such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands but also on expanding into newer markets like the United States, Canada, China, Japan, and select African countries. To this end, WoSA engages in various promotional activities, including participation in major international wine expos like ProWein in Germany and China, as well as Vinexpo. These efforts are complemented by partnerships with tourism authorities to promote wine tourism in the Cape region.

In addition to these expos, WoSA conducts marketing seminars for its members to navigate changing market demands and opportunities and invites wine and lifestyle journalists and influencers to the Cape, showcasing the region's winelands' beauty and cultural heritage. Another significant event hosted by WoSA is the CapeWine trade exhibition, the flagship business showcase for the South African wine industry. This event, held triennially, attracts nearly 2,000 local and international visitors, emphasizing the industry's resilience and adaptability, especially in the wake of challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leadership within WoSA has seen dedicated individuals at its helm, with Siobhan Thompson serving as the Chief Executive Officer since November 2013. Thompson's background as an international marketing specialist spans across various sectors, providing WoSA with a wealth of experience in global marketing. In September 2023, Wahed Khan succeeded Carina Gous as the non-executive chairperson, continuing the legacy of strong leadership within the organization.

WoSA's overarching goal is to contribute to the global success of the South African wine industry by building Brand South Africa. This includes enhancing the international image and reputation of South African wines, developing new export markets, assisting with capacity building among exporters, and facilitating the development of wine tourism within South Africa. Through these concerted efforts, WoSA aims to secure a prominent place for South African wines on the world stage, showcasing the country's rich viticultural heritage and diverse wine offerings.

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