Wines of Western Australia

Wines of Western Australia

Wines of Western Australia serves as the leading organization representing the Western Australia wine producers. With its roots tracing back to 1914 as the Association of Australian Wine Merchants and Vignerons Trading in Western Australia, it has evolved over the years. Formerly known as the West Australian Winegrowers’ Association and later as the Wine and Brandy Producers’ Association of Western Australia, it further developed into the Western Australian Grapegrowers’ and Winemakers’ Association. The amalgamation of these two bodies in 1987 resulted in the formation of the Wine Industry Association of Western Australia, which eventually adopted the simplified name, Wines of Western Australia, in 2011.

Wines of Western Australia diligently fulfills its pivotal roles in advocating for the wine industry, engaging in government lobbying, executing strategic marketing activities, managing critical issues, and providing educational support. It represents approximately 90% of wine production in the state and extends its membership to include wine distributors, wine grape growers, and related businesses, uniting and supporting the diverse wine community across the state's 9 wine growing regions.

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