Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

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In today's world, environmental consciousness is gaining immense significance among wine consumers, trade wine buyers and investors. Therefore, it is crucial to be proactive and adopt climate forward production methods. Sustainable practices not only benefit the environment but also help to reduce inputs while elevating quality leading to increased profit margins. By implementing environmentally responsible practices, wineries and producers can ensure the longevity of their business while contributing to a greener future.



In today's wine industry, social factors hold significant importance. Wine companies that prioritize gender, race and beliefs inclusion in leadership positions and workplace safety through the implementation of appropriate policies gain a competitive edge, domestically and in international markets. Furthermore, these practices contribute to transforming the global wine industry, making it a safer and more inclusive space for all individuals.
By adopting socially responsible practices, wine companies can distinguish themselves in the market and promote a culture of equality and safety for their employees and customers.



Crafting a great wine is no longer enough. In today’s world, purpose-driven, socially responsible organizations will be the ones to succeed.  Among our customers, we have seen a significant uptick in converting their businesses to B-Corps. Transparency and inclusivity are critical factors for a company's success. By investing in sustainable practices and reducing their carbon footprint, wineries can establish themselves as environmental advocates, which enhances their brand image and market positioning.
Moreover, promoting gender and ethnic equality within the board of directors allows companies to demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity and egalitarianism. By focusing on these aspects, wine companies can attract customers and investors who share similar values and beliefs, thereby creating a more harmonious, inclusive and progressive world.

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