La Levée de la Loire

La Levée de la Loire

Loire Vin Bio

The La Levée de la Loire wine fair is an annual event taking place in early February, between Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th, and its name carries a dual significance. It references both the historical raising of dykes along the Loire River, safeguarding the valleys from floods, and the Loire vignerons leading the way towards crafting authentic, distinctive wines. Organized by Loire Vin Bio, this gathering brings together winegrowers, traders, and marketers dedicated to the world of organic wine, with this year's edition featuring 15 exhibitors.

This event serves as a testament to the Loire Valley's unwavering commitment to sustainable winemaking practices, emphasizing the creation of wines with unique character deeply rooted in their terroir. Attendees can expect to explore a captivating array of organic wines, each one telling a story of the land and the passionate individuals behind their production.


Loire Vin Bio

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Start Date

February 5, 2024

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End Date

February 6, 2024

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Rte de Paris, 49000 Angers, France

Angers Expo Congrès Parc des Expositions





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Monday 5th: 9:30 am–7 pm. Tuesday 6th: 9:30 am-6 pm

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Event participants

15 producers of natural and organic wine will be participating of the event.

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The pass for the 2 days of the event has a cost of €8 (its free for students), and you can buy it here.