NAT Diego

NAT Diego

NAT Diego

The NAT Diego event stands as a beacon for aficionados and novices alike in the world of natural and low intervention wines. Set against the vibrant backdrop of San Diego, this entirely independent wine fair is scheduled to open its doors from June 28th to June 29th, promising an immersive experience into the nuanced realm of natural winemaking. Distinguished by its commitment to showcasing wines that diverge from the industrialized winemaking process, NAT Diego offers a unique opportunity to explore a heritage where the art of winemaking and sustainable farming practices are inextricably linked.

NAT Diego is more than just a wine fair; it's an educational journey inviting enthusiasts to dive deep into the world of natural wines directly from the source—the producers themselves. This event serves as an ideal platform for those eager to taste exceptional natural wines while engaging in enlightening conversations with the individuals who challenge the status quo of winemaking.


NAT Diego

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June 28, 2024

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Bread & Salt (1955 Julian Avenue San Diego, CA 92113)

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The time of the event has not been informed (yet)

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Until today, there are no producers confirmed to join the event.

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The tickets are not available for sale (yet)