Salon St Jean

Salon St Jean


Salon St Jean stands as an essential gathering for wine industry professionals worldwide, providing an exciting platform that unites a diverse array of exceptional wines, passionate producers, and expert tasters.This prestigious occasion will unfold within the enchanting confines of Grenier St Jean, nestled in the picturesque city of Angers, on February 3rd and 4th.

The 2024 edition of Salon St Jean promises to be an outstanding assembly, featuring 252 esteemed vignobles as they proudly display their exceptional wine creations. Attendees will relish the opportunity to indulge in a wide spectrum of delectable wines, each possessing its own unique character and flavor profile.

With its rustic and welcoming ambiance, Grenier St Jean provides an idyllic setting for this celebration of wine. Over the course of two days, participants can anticipate immersing themselves in a realm of enticing aromas, delightful tastes, and the captivating stories that accompany each bottle



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February 3, 2024

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Grenier St Jean, Angers

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The event will take place from 10 am to 6 pm.

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Event participants

In this event, 250 vignerons will be presenting its wines to professionals of the world of wine.

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Tickets are priced at 10 euros, and can be purchased through their Facebook page or email