Vini di Vignaioli

Vini di Vignaioli

Christine Marzani

The Vini di Vignaioli wine fair, set to take place on March 17-18 at the enchanting Spazio Mosso, is a noteworthy Italian event that seamlessly blends cultural enrichment with the pleasures of wine tasting. This annual gathering features a captivating lineup of screenings and informative lectures that delve deep into the world of natural wines. Attendees have the opportunity to delve into sustainable winemaking practices while indulging in a diverse selection of top-quality French and Italian natural wines.

Amid the charming backdrop of Spazio Mosso, the fair provides a stage for attendees to relish the exquisite flavors and enticing aromas of these exceptional wines. It also offers a unique platform for forging connections with like-minded wine aficionados and passionate winemakers. Whether you're a seasoned wine expert or a curious newcomer, Vini di Vignaioli encourages you to embrace the cultural significance of natural wines  within both the French and Italian winemaking traditions


Christine Marzani

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March 17, 2024

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Spazio Mosso (Via Angelo Mosso, 3, 20127 Milano MI, Italia)

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March 17th: 12 am-8 pm March 18th: 12 am to 6 pm

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Tickets are only available (for the moment) at the ticket office of the event, although they will be also available to purchase online. They have a price of €20, plus €5 as a glass deposit.