Wild Wine Fair

Wild Wine Fair

Wild Wine Fair

The Wild Wine Fair emerges as a distinguished event in the calendar of wine enthusiasts, particularly those with an inclination towards natural and low intervention wines. Scheduled for July 14th in the scenic city of Edinburgh, Scotland, this independent fair promises an exclusive voyage into the realm of wines unmarred by additives or chemicals. It represents a unique convergence for individuals eager to explore new tastes and understand the intricate stories behind each bottle.

Positioning itself as more than just a tasting event, the Wild Wine Fair is an educational odyssey designed for those passionate about delving into the narratives of the producers who dare to step away from conventional winemaking. Attendees will have the unrivaled opportunity to engage directly with vintners, gaining insights into their philosophies, techniques, and the dedication that goes into producing unique natural wines.


Wild Wine Fair

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July 14, 2024

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Timberyard (10 Lady Lawson St, Edinburgh EH3 9DS, UK)

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