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Nestled in the heart of the Cyclades archipelago, the Paros wine region in Greece is a captivating blend of ancient winemaking traditions and modern oenological practices. Characterized by its Cycladic terroir, the region's rocky, mineral-rich soils contribute to the cultivation of distinct grape varieties, notably the indigenous white grape, Monemvasia, and the red grape, Mandilaria. These grapes flourish under the island's Mediterranean climate, where sea breezes and abundant sunshine shape their unique character.

Paros wines exhibit a compelling spectrum of flavors, from crisp and vibrant whites with floral and citrus notes to robust reds boasting deep, fruity profiles. The region's viticultural landscape is a picturesque sight, featuring charming vineyards that cascade down hillsides, often protected from strong winds by traditional stone walls.

Enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike can immerse themselves in the Paros wine scene, visiting quaint wineries and cellars, tasting wines that reflect the island's rich heritage and terroir. Against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea and amidst idyllic villages, the Paros wine region offers an authentic and delightful exploration of Greek winemaking excellence.


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Paros is situated approximately 100 miles southeast of the Greek mainland and is easily accessible by ferry from Athens and other neighboring islands. The vineyards of the Paros wine region are spread across the island, covering gentle slopes and valleys, and some even extend to the island's rocky hillsides.

The Paros wine region enjoys a markedly Mediterranean climate, so its winters are mild and humid while its summers are hot and dry. During the winter, there is usually a good amount of rainfall, while in the summer the vines receive a good amount of sunshine.  On the other hand, the breezes from the Aegean Sea are key to moderate summer temperatures.

This wine region is dominated by volcanic soils, rich in minerals and nutrients. However, in some areas we can find sandy and loamy soils, which provide a great structure for the development of the vines. This is in addition to a predominant method of cultivation on the island, terracing, which gives the vines better exposure to sunlight, thus favoring the ripening of the grapes


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Mandilaria, Agiannitis

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Malagousia, Assyrtiko

Paros is not only known for its captivating landscapes but also for its exquisite wines. The island boasts a rich viticultural heritage that spans centuries, producing both remarkable red and white wines that delight connoisseurs from around the world.

The white wines of Paros are renowned for their crispness and refreshing nature. Made from indigenous grape varieties like Malagousia, Monemvasia, and Assyrtiko, these wines offer a delightful medley of citrus notes, aromatic herbs, and a tantalizing minerality. The island's unique terroir, with its sandy soils and maritime influence, contributes to the distinct character of Parian white wines, making them an ideal companion to the island's delectable seafood dishes.

On the other hand, Paros red wines showcase the island's winemaking prowess with their depth and complexity. The predominant grape variety used in the production of red wines is Mandilaria, known for its deep red hue and robust tannins. Combined with the influence of other indigenous grapes, such as Mavrotragano and Voudomato, Parian reds boast flavors of dark fruits, spicy undertones, and hints of wild herbs. These full-bodied wines age gracefully, revealing even more layers of character and finesse over time.

Whether sipped while basking in the island's radiant sunsets or paired with local dishes that celebrate the bounties of the land and sea, Paros wines offer a memorable experience to every discerning palate. Embracing both tradition and innovation, the winemakers of Paros continue to nurture their vineyards, preserving the island's winemaking heritage while charting a course towards a promising oenological future. For those seeking to immerse themselves in the true essence of this enchanting island, a sip of Paros wine is an invitation to indulge in the taste of pure Greek hospitality and the artistry of winemaking at its finest.