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Nestled in the heart of Greece, the Viotia sub-region stands as a testament to the exquisite harmony between its unique environment and the art of winemaking. Located in central Greece, Viotia boasts a captivating landscape defined by rolling hills, fertile plains, and a Mediterranean climate, all of which converge to create the ideal conditions for grape cultivation.

The region's vineyards flourish under the warm sun and mild winters, benefiting from well-drained soils enriched by centuries of volcanic activity. This terroir imparts distinctive qualities to the wines produced here, making Viotia a treasure trove of remarkable Greek wines.

Among the grape varieties that thrive in Viotia, two red varieties stand out: Agiorgitiko and Mavroudi. Agiorgitiko, known for its deep red color and rich, fruity flavors, is celebrated for producing some of Greece's finest red wines. Mavroudi, on the other hand, adds complexity with its dark, spicy character, contributing to the region's diverse wine offerings.

For white wine enthusiasts, Viotia presents a trio of exceptional grape varieties: Savatiano, Robola, and Roditis. Savatiano, with its crisp acidity and citrus notes, is the backbone of the region's white wines. Robola brings a touch of elegance with its floral and mineral nuances, while Roditis offers a refreshing and fruity profile.

Viotia's marriage of environment and grape varieties yields a kaleidoscope of flavors, reflecting the region's rich viticultural heritage. A visit to this sub-region promises a journey through the very essence of Greek winemaking, where nature's bounty and human craftsmanship unite to create wines that are truly exceptional.


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Nestled in the heart of central Greece, the Viotia wine region weaves its vinous tale amid a captivating landscape. Situated between the mountain ranges of Parnassus and Helicon to the south and the sparkling shores of the Gulf of Euboea to the north, Viotia enjoys a privileged location that shapes its distinct terroir. The region's vineyards sprawl across gentle hillsides, fertile plains, and picturesque valleys, creating an enchanting tapestry of vine cultivation.

Viotia's winemaking journey unfolds under the watchful gaze of a classic Mediterranean climate. Warm, dry summers bask the vineyards in abundant sunshine, promoting the gradual ripening of the grapes. The winters are relatively mild, providing sufficient rainfall to replenish the soil and nourish the vines. The harmonious interplay of sun and sea breezes, flowing from the nearby Euboean Gulf, ensures a balanced and favorable climate for grape cultivation and winemaking.

Soils in this wine-growing region are predominantly deep soils, with a chalky-clay texture. These soils have a good reserve of essential nutrients for the vines, as well as a good water retention capacity.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Agiorgitiko, Mavroudi

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Savatiano, Robola, Roditis

The Viotia wine region beckons wine enthusiasts with a delightful selection of both red and white wines, each revealing the essence of this fertile corner of the world. Embraced by sun-kissed vineyards and a rich history of winemaking, Viotia offers a sensory journey through its remarkable wines.

Viotia boasts a captivating array of white wines, with the indigenous Savatiano grape taking center stage. These whites enchant with their crisp acidity, enticing aromas of citrus, and a touch of floral notes. Savatiano wines reflect the region's continental climate and limestone-rich soils, where vineyards thrive under the Greek sun. With a refreshing finish and a hint of elegance, these whites mirror the purity of Viotia's landscapes.

In addition to its whites, Viotia surprises with its expressive red wines. The native Agiorgitiko grape exudes a captivating bouquet of red berries, cherries, and hints of spices. The Agiorgitiko reds celebrate the region's winemaking heritage, offering wines with a medium-bodied allure and a velvety texture. Perfect for joyous gatherings or intimate moments, these reds embody the authentic spirit of Viotia.

The Viotia wine region cherishes its connection to the land, where vines intertwine with centuries-old traditions. The diverse microclimates, influenced by nearby mountains, shape the character of the grapes. The passion of local winemakers, who honor ancestral winemaking methods, ensures that each wine reflects the soul of Viotia.