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The Heraklion sub-region, nestled in the heart of the picturesque Greek island of Crete, is a viticultural gem known for its unique environment and exceptional grape varieties. This captivating wine region boasts a rich history dating back millennia, making it one of the oldest wine-producing areas in Europe.

Heraklion's environment is characterized by its Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The region benefits from ample sunshine and cooling sea breezes, creating an ideal terroir for vine cultivation. The soils are diverse, ranging from limestone to clay, providing a rich tapestry for grapevines to thrive.

In Heraklion, vineyards are home to a splendid array of grape varieties. Among the most planted red grape varieties are Liatiko, Kotsifali, Mandilaria, and Syrah, each contributing to the region's distinctive red wines. Liatiko, in particular, is a local hero, known for its lush, berry-driven flavors and a hint of spice.

On the white side, Heraklion showcases grapes like Vilana, Vidiano, and Assyrtiko, which craft crisp and refreshing white wines. Assyrtiko, with its vibrant acidity and mineral notes, stands out as one of the region's finest white varieties.

With its enchanting landscape, favorable climate, and an impressive grape portfolio, the Heraklion sub-region continues to captivate wine enthusiasts with its exquisite wines, offering a sip of the Mediterranean's timeless allure.


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The Heraklion wine region is situated on the northern coast of the island of Crete. This region is renowned for its rich history and diverse terroir.

The Heraklion wine region in Greece is known for its Mediterranean climate, which features mild winters and hot, dry summers. This climate is ideal for grape cultivation as it provides the necessary conditions for the growth and ripening of grapes. Additionally, the region benefits from the cooling effects of the nearby Aegean Sea, which helps to moderate temperatures and maintain favorable conditions for grape production. The long growing season and ample sunshine in Heraklion contribute to the production of high-quality wines with rich flavors and aromas.

The Heraklion wine region soil in Greece is characterized by its rich volcanic ash deposits, which play a significant role in shaping the unique flavors and aromas found in the wines produced here. These volcanic ash deposits, resulting from past volcanic activity, contribute to the distinct characteristics of the wines by infusing them with mineral-rich elements.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Liatiko, Kotsifali, Mandilaria, Syrah

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Vilana, Vidiano, Assyrtiko

Nestled in the heart of the mesmerizing island of Crete, the Heraklion wine region offers a captivating collection of both red and white wines, each bearing the distinctive imprint of its ancient terroir. Renowned for its rich viticultural heritage, this enchanting region presents a symphony of flavors that ignite the senses.

Heraklion boasts a charming array of white wines, with the vibrant Vilana grape stealing the spotlight. These whites enchant with their lively citrus aromas, hints of ripe peach, and a refreshing herbal nuance. The Vilana wines exhibit a wonderful balance of fruitiness and a crisp acidity, making them the perfect choice to accompany Mediterranean cuisine and sun-drenched moments.

In addition to its whites, Heraklion surprises with its captivating red wines. The native Liatiko grape takes center stage, exuding enticing aromas of red berries, hints of spices, and a subtle earthy touch. The Liatiko reds boast a medium to full-bodied structure, offering a velvety texture and refined tannins. With a distinct Cretan character, these reds invite wine enthusiasts to embrace their complexity and explore the treasures of Heraklion.

The Heraklion wine region celebrates its ancient terroir, an exquisite tapestry of sun-kissed hills, sea breezes, and fertile soils. The Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and mild winters, plays a vital role in shaping the wines' character. The passion of local winemakers, who skillfully blend tradition with innovation, ensures that each wine encapsulates the spirit of Crete.