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The Lefkada wine region is situated on the island of Lefkada, which is part of the Ionian Islands group located off the western coast of Greece. The island is positioned in the Ionian Sea, and its distinctive geography and climate contribute to the character of its wines.

Geographically, the Lefkada wine region lies at approximately 38.7069° N latitude and 20.6385° E longitude. The Mediterranean climate of the island, characterized by mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers, provides a conducive environment for viticulture. The cooling influence of the sea helps mitigate temperature extremes and contributes to the development of grapes with balanced acidity and flavors.

Lefkada's soils are notably diverse, encompassing variations such as limestone, clay, and gravel, which lend complexity to the wines produced in the region. Indigenous grape varieties like Vertzami and Vardea thrive in this terroir, adding to the local winemaking tradition.

Vineyards on Lefkada are often found on terraces or hillsides, making optimal use of the island's topography and maximizing sun exposure. The unique combination of climatic factors, soil composition, and elevation shapes the distinct characteristics of Lefkada's wines.


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The Lefkada wine region is located on the island of Lefkada, also known as Lefkas, which is part of the Ionian Islands archipelago in Greece. Lefkada is one of the main islands in the Ionian Sea, situated off the western coast of mainland Greece.

The climate of the Lefkada wine region is Mediterranean, with moderating influences of sea breezes from the Ionian Sea. These breezes are key to the region's mild winters and reduced risk of frost. They also help to cool the vineyards during the hot summers, where temperatures can reach 31°C. Lefkada receives a lot of sunshine throughout the year, which helps the grapes to ripen optimally, and also receives a good amount of rainfall, concentrated in the winter.

The predominant soil type in Lefkada is limestone. This type of soil is rich in calcium carbonate and has good drainage properties. It also has good minerality, which can give particular aromatic notes to the wines, and a pH level that tends to be high, which helps to increase the level of natural acidity in the grapes.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Vradiano, Merit, Mavrodaphne, Black Corinth

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Vardea, Vertzami, Sauvignon Blanc

The Lefkada wine region enchants wine enthusiasts with a delightful selection of both red and white wines, each capturing the essence of this enchanting island gem. Embraced by sea breezes and kissed by the Mediterranean sun, Lefkada offers a sensory journey through its remarkable wines.

Lefkada boasts a captivating collection of white wines, with the indigenous Vardea grape taking center stage. These whites enchant with their crisp acidity, enticing aromas of citrus, and a touch of exotic fruits. Vardea wines reflect the region's maritime climate and fertile terroir, where sunlit vineyards thrive near the azure waters. With a refreshing finish and a hint of island charm, these whites mirror the purity of Lefkada's breathtaking landscapes.

In addition to its whites, Lefkada surprises with its expressive red wines. The native Vradiano grape exudes a fascinating bouquet of red berries, dark cherries, and hints of Mediterranean herbs. The Vradiano reds celebrate the region's winemaking heritage, offering wines with a medium-bodied allure and a velvety texture. Perfect for romantic evenings or celebrations with friends, these reds embody the authentic spirit of Lefkada.

The Lefkada wine region cherishes the island's soul, where vines intertwine with coastal beauty. The Mediterranean climate, gently touched by the sea, shapes the character of the grapes. The passion of local winemakers, who honor time-honored winemaking techniques, ensures that each wine reflects the essence of Lefkada.