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The Evros wine region is situated in the northeastern part of Greece, bordering the Thracian Sea to the east and neighboring Turkey to the north and east. Geographically, it encompasses the broader area of the Evros regional unit, characterized by its proximity to the Evros River and its diverse landscapes.

The region experiences a Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. Its proximity to the sea moderates temperatures and contributes to the suitability for grape cultivation.

Evros' soils encompass variations such as clay, loam, and alluvial deposits, reflecting the diverse geological makeup of the region. These soil types, combined with the climate, play a pivotal role in shaping the character of the wines produced in Evros.

Indigenous grape varieties such as Maronia and the hybrid variety Kechris contribute to the local winemaking tradition. The region's commitment to preserving its heritage while embracing innovative techniques is evident in the cultivation of these grape varieties.

Vineyards in the Evros wine region often benefit from the gentle slopes and river valleys, optimizing sun exposure and drainage. The diverse topography, coupled with the region's climate and soil variations, results in a nuanced terroir that influences the wines.


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The Evros wine region, located in the greek wine region of Thrace, comprises the homonymous northeastern district which borders Turkey and Bulgaria. 

The climate of Evros is continental, although it also receives Mediterranean influences. In this region, summers are hot and winters are cold, with occasional snowfalls. In Evros, the Aegean Sea plays a fundamental role in the moderation of the temperatures, since it allows to soften the temperatures of both summer and winter. Regarding rainfall, it is usually moderate, and the proximity to the Aegean River helps a lot to have a high availability of water for irrigation.

The soil of the Evros region is diverse. Predominant soil types include alluvial, clay, sandy and calcareous soils. Alluvial soils are fertile and suitable for vineyards, while loamy soils offer good drainage and fertility. Clay soils are rich in nutrients and have good water retention capacity. Finally, sandy soils have larger particles but less water retention, while limestone-rich soils influence pH levels and wine flavors.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Limnio, Karnachalades, Mavroudi, Bogialamades, Pamidi

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Roditis, Athiri, Assyrtiko, Zoumiatiko

The Evros wine region captivates wine enthusiasts with its delightful selection of both red and white wines, each epitomizing the essence of this fertile and historic land. Embraced by sunlit vineyards and a rich cultural heritage, Evros offers a sensory journey through its remarkable wines.

Evros boasts a captivating collection of white wines, with the indigenous Roditis grape taking center stage. These whites enchant with their crisp acidity, alluring aromas of citrus and orchard fruits, and a subtle touch of minerality. Roditis wines reflect the region's continental climate and diverse soils, where vines thrive under the Greek sun. With a refreshing finish and a hint of elegance, these whites mirror the purity of Evros' unspoiled landscapes.

In addition to its whites, Evros surprises with its expressive red wines. The native Limnio grape exudes a captivating bouquet of red berries, cherries, and hints of spices. The Limnio reds celebrate the region's winemaking heritage, offering wines with a medium-bodied allure and a velvety texture. Perfect for festive gatherings or quiet evenings, these reds embody the authentic spirit of Evros.

The Evros wine region cherishes its connection to the land, where vines intertwine with centuries-old traditions. The diverse microclimates, shaped by the nearby river and sea winds, lend distinct character to the grapes. The dedication of local winemakers, who honor age-old winemaking techniques, ensures that each wine reflects the soul of Evros.