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Terre Tollesi DOCG, also known as Offida DOCG, is an enchanting wine appellation nestled in the Abruzzo region of Italy. Characterized by its picturesque landscape of rolling hills, sun-kissed vineyards, and age-old traditions, Terre Tollesi paints an idyllic picture that captures the very essence of Italian viticulture. The terrains here, shaped by varying altitudes and distinct soil compositions, are host to a tapestry of microclimates ideal for wine cultivation.

The primary grape varieties nurtured in this realm are Pecorino and Passerina for white wines, and Montepulciano for reds. The Pecorino grape, with its aromatic profile and crisp palate, crafts whites that are both refreshing and harmonious. Montepulciano, on the other hand, produces robust red wines with a balanced interplay of fruitiness, tannins, and earthy depths. Such wines are a testament to the region's dedication to preserving and showcasing its unique terroir.

As one delves into the offerings of Terre Tollesi DOCG, they are not only tasting wines but savoring the spirit of the region, where nature and craftsmanship meld seamlessly. For wine lovers and explorers, Terre Tollesi stands as a testament to Italy's enduring wine legacy, offering a sip of its lush landscapes and rich history with every glass.


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The Terre Tollesi DOCG is beautifully situated in the heart of the Abruzzo wine region, in central Italy. Bordered by the majestic Adriatic Sea to the east and the grandeur of the Apennine Mountains to the west, the region boasts a diverse and captivating landscape. Nestled amid these geographical wonders are quaint towns and villages that make up the Terre Tollesi DOCG.

The undulating terrains of Abruzzo play a pivotal role in the character of Terre Tollesi wines. Varying altitudes create a tapestry of vineyards, each benefiting from distinct microclimates which shape the unique profiles of grapes grown there. The proximity to both sea and mountains offers Terre Tollesi vineyards a medley of cooling breezes and varying temperatures, factors that enhance the depth and complexity of wines produced.

Rich in history and tradition, Terre Tollesi DOCG not only preserves its winemaking heritage but also showcases the cultural richness of Abruzzo. From ancient vineyards to modern wineries, the region is a blend of the old and new, inviting wine enthusiasts, travelers, and scholars to delve into its enchanting vine-laden landscapes and experience the genuine spirit of Abruzzo's viticulture.

The climate of Terre Tollesi is characterized by a unique interplay between the refreshing breezes of the Adriatic Sea and the protective embrace of the Apennine Mountains. This strategic location gifts the region with a Mediterranean climate that exhibits nuances of both coastal and continental influences.

Summers in Terre Tollesi are typically warm, with ample sunshine ensuring that grapes ripen to perfection, revealing their true character and depth. However, the nearby Adriatic Sea acts as a moderating force, sending gentle sea breezes inland to cool the vineyards, particularly during the evening. This diurnal temperature variation, with its warm days and cooler nights, is crucial for maintaining acidity and enhancing the aromatic compounds in the grapes.

Winters are relatively mild, although the proximity to the Apennine Mountains can introduce occasional colder spells and even some snowfall. This mountainous barrier also shields the vineyards from excessive rain, ensuring that grapes remain healthy and not overly diluted.

In essence, the climate of Terre Tollesi is a harmonious balance between maritime freshness and continental stability. This equilibrium plays a pivotal role in the region's viticulture, producing wines that are both expressive of their terroir and consistently high in quality. The unique climatic conditions of Terre Tollesi in the Abruzzo wine region have been an integral part of its winemaking story, shaping its reputation as a producer of wines with character, finesse, and distinction.

The Terre Tollesi DOCG, nestled in the heart of the Abruzzo wine region, boasts a diverse range of soil types that contribute to the region's unique viticultural profile. The soils can be broadly categorized into a few types:

  1. Calcareous Clay: These are chalky soils, rich in calcium carbonate. They provide excellent water retention properties, ensuring that vines have access to moisture even during drier periods. Wines grown in these soils often have a pronounced mineral note and structured acidity.
  2. Alluvial Soils: Found in valley floors and lower slopes, these soils are made up of silt, sand, and clay carried by water from higher elevations. They are typically well-draining, which encourages vines to grow deeper roots in search of water, thereby accessing the various minerals present deep within the earth.
  3. Sandy Soils: Light and well-draining, sandy soils warm up quickly and are less fertile. Vines grown in these soils tend to produce wines with delicate aromatic profiles and softer tannins.
  4. Loamy Soils: A balanced blend of sand, silt, and clay, loamy soils offer good water retention and drainage. They are among the most fertile and are versatile for growing a range of grape varieties.
  5. Rocky and Stony Soils: These soils, interspersed with pebbles and rocks, offer excellent drainage. The rocks absorb heat during the day and radiate it at night, ensuring a consistent temperature for the vines. Wines from these soils often exhibit a pronounced mineral character.


Most Planted Red Grape Varietals:

Montepulciano reigns supreme in the Terre Tollesi DOCG. This grape is characterized by its dense color, rich tannins, and remarkable fruitiness. A staple in central Italy, Montepulciano grapes produce full-bodied wines with dark fruit nuances accompanied by spicy and herbal notes. Its naturally high acidity and tannins contribute to its excellent aging capability. With the appropriate aging, wines crafted from Montepulciano evolve to exhibit complex aromas, blending dark cherries, blackberries, tobacco, and sometimes even hints of cocoa.

Most Planted White Grape Varietals:

Terre Tollesi DOCG cherishes two significant white grape varieties:

  1. Passerina: A native grape to central Italy, Passerina is distinguished by its delicate aromas of white flowers, citrus fruits, and hints of herbs. Wines made from Passerina are fresh, lively, and pleasantly aromatic, making them ideal as aperitifs or paired with light dishes. The grape's inherent acidity and mineral tones make it particularly refreshing.
  2. Pecorino: Pecorino is a grape variety cherished for its aromatic intensity and structure. Typically, Pecorino wines exude aromas of green apple, pear, and sometimes tropical fruit. On the palate, they showcase a lively acidity and often a slightly almond-like finish. Pecorino wines can be consumed young, but they also have the potential to age gracefully, developing richer textures and more complex flavor profiles.

While Montepulciano stands out as the emblematic red grape of the region, the white grapes, Passerina and Pecorino, hold their ground, each offering distinct and captivating expressions of the Terre Tollesi DOCG's unique terroir. Together, these grapes encapsulate the heart and soul of the region, a testament to its rich viticultural heritage and the dedication of its winemakers.

In Terre Tollesi DOCG, 5 types of wines are produced, each of them reflecting in a unique way the charm of this fascinating region. On the white wine side, we have the Passerina and Pecorino wines, each made almost entirely from grapes of the same name. In the case of the Rosso and Riserva wines, they possess the strength of the Montepulciano variety. Finally, the sparkling wines are the ultimate expression of the fine wines produced in the region.

  1. Passerina: Taking a central stage among the whites, Passerina wines from Terre Tollesi DOCG are a sensorial delight. Fresh and zesty, they entrance the senses with bouquets of white flowers, bright citrus, and nuanced herbaceous hints. On the palate, they are the epitome of vibrancy, capturing the spirit of Italian summers, with a lingering minerality that beckons for another sip.
  2. Pecorino: The other white marvel from this region, Pecorino wines are a bold statement of Terre Tollesi’s unique terroir. Bursting with aromatic intensity, they greet you with notes of green apple, ripe pear, and whispers of tropical fruits. Their lively acidity, paired with a subtle almond finish, makes them an irresistible partner to many gastronomic delights.
  3. Terre Tollesi Rosso: Delving into the reds, the Terre Tollesi Rosso is an ode to the power of Montepulciano. Exhibiting a deep and intense color, these wines bring forth rich flavors of dark fruits, mingled with evocative notes of spices and herbs. The body is robust, the character undeniably charismatic.
  4. Terre Tollesi Riserva: The Riserva selection is Terre Tollesi’s crowning jewel. These reds, born from the finest Montepulciano grapes of exceptional vintages, undergo extended aging, giving rise to wines of profound depth and unparalleled complexity. They encapsulate the region's essence, portraying layers of flavors from luscious fruit to earthy undertones.
  5. Terre Tollesi Spumante: Finally, in the Spumante wines of Terre Toselli you will find the magic of effervesce. A sparkling spectacle, crafted primarily from Chardonnay and other authorized non aromatic white grapes, this bubbly wine offers a dance of aromas – from fresh orchard fruits to delicate floral notes. Its finesse lies in the delicate bubbles, the refreshing acidity, and the harmonious balance that make every sip a celebration.