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Nestled in the southern reaches of Italy, the Matera Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) is a testament to the region's age-old viticultural traditions. This unique wine region is characterized by its picturesque landscapes, where the rugged terrain meets history, manifesting in the ancient stone-carved dwellings known as "Sassi di Matera."

The environment of Matera DOC is instrumental in the unique profile of its wines. Its Mediterranean climate, with warm, dry summers and cool winters, is tempered by coastal breezes, while the chalky soils, enriched over millennia, offer wines of distinct minerality and depth. These natural assets, combined with traditional winemaking techniques, result in wines that are a true reflection of their terroir.

Among the vineyards of Matera DOC, several grape varieties have come to prominence. In terms of red grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon offers structured and bold wines, often with notes of blackcurrant and green bell pepper. Primitivo, a relative of Zinfandel, delivers robust and fruity reds, with an inherent sweetness reminiscent of dried fruit. Sangiovese, the backbone of many renowned Italian wines, brings its characteristic sour cherry and earthy notes to the mix. On the white grape front, Greco offers wines with refreshing acidity and hints of pear and almond, while Malvasia produces aromatic wines, rich with floral nuances and often a hint of spice.

Together, these grape varieties, cultivated in the rich environment of Matera DOC, represent the harmonious blend of nature and human endeavor, crafting wines that are both distinctive and delightful.


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The Matera DOC, located in the Basilicata wine region, covers the territory of the province of Matera, the Collina Materana and the Ionian coast in Metapontino.

The region's warm and dry climate and the many hours of sunshine allow the grapes to reach maximum ripeness.

The region's soils are composed mainly of volcanic minerals.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Primitivo, Sangiovese

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Greco, Malvasia

The Matera DOC wine region unveils a captivating array of expressions that capture the essence of its unique terroir. Among the offerings are the Bianco, Rosato, Rosso, Spumante, and Bianco Passito wines, each embodying the rich character and heritage of this land.

Bianco, a harmonious composition of grape varieties, features a minimum of 85% Malvasia Bianca di Basilicata, woven with other authorized nonaromatic white companions. This white wine dances on the palate, revealing a delightful interplay of flavors. With a minimum alcohol level of 11.0%, it captures the essence of the region in every sip.

Rosato, crafted predominantly from the noble Primitivo grape, showcases the region's dedication to excellence. A minimum of 90% Primitivo forms the core of this rosé, complemented by other authorized red grapes. With a minimum alcohol content of 12.0%, it offers a vibrant and refreshing profile that is perfect for both warm days and special occasions.

Rosso, a blend of Sangiovese and Primitivo, embodies the artistry of winemaking in Matera. With a minimum of 60% Sangiovese and 30% Primitivo, this red wine captures the essence of the terroir. The addition of other authorized nonaromatic red grapes adds layers of complexity, resulting in a wine with depth and character.

Spumante, a sparkling wonder, exudes the effervescence of celebration. Crafted predominantly from Malvasia grapes, it undergoes a transformation within the pressurized tanks. With a minimum alcohol level of 12.5%, this sparkling wine delights the senses with its lively bubbles and crisp freshness.

Bianco Passito, a testament to the region's craftsmanship, showcases the potential of Malvasia grapes. With a minimum alcohol level of 12.0% (13.0% potential), this passito wine offers a symphony of flavors that develop through a meticulous winemaking process.

In the Matera DOC, each bottle of Bianco, Rosato, Rosso, Spumante, and Bianco Passito tells a story of dedication, passion, and tradition. As you savor these wines, you embark on a journey through the enchanting landscape and culture of Matera, where each sip is a tribute to the beauty and elegance of the region.