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The Aversa DOC, situated in the Campania region of southern Italy, stands as a testament to Italy's diverse viticultural legacy. A shimmering jewel amidst Italy's vast winemaking tapestry, the region is best recognized for its distinctive environmental attributes that influence the quality and character of the wines produced here.

Geographically, Aversa DOC lies in a flat area with a mix of mineral-rich volcanic and clayey soils. This unique blend ensures optimal drainage, which is pivotal for vine roots to delve deep into the earth, drawing up an array of nutrients and minerals. This natural endowment, coupled with the region's Mediterranean climate marked by warm summers and mild winters, provides the ideal canvas for grape cultivation. The soft sea breezes and consistent sunlight ensure that the vines receive a balanced exposure, allowing the grapes to ripen uniformly.

Central to Aversa's viticultural identity is the Asprinio grape, the most planted white grape variety in the region. Asprinio, with its high acidity and crisp character, lends the wines a refreshing, zesty quality that stands out in the panorama of Italian whites. The wines produced from this grape variety are known for their green apple and citrus notes, layered with subtle hints of almond and floral undertones. The presence of Asprinio in Aversa DOC not only marks the region's commitment to preserving indigenous grape varieties but also its dedication to producing wines that truly mirror the terroir's unique characteristics.


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The Aversa DOC, is located in the Campania wine region. It covers the municipalities of Aversa, Carinaro, Casal di Principe, Casaluce, Casapesenna, Cesa, Frignano, Gricignano di Aversa, Lusciano, Orta di Atella, Parete, San Cipriano d'Aversa, San Marcellino, Sant'Arpino, Succivo, Teverola, Trentola-Ducenta, Villa di Briano and Villa Literno, located in the province of Caserta, and the municipalities of Giugliano, Qualiano and Sant Antimo, in the province of Nápoles.

The Aversa DOC enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Its proximity to the Tyrrhenian Sea influences the region's climate, tempering temperature extremes. These favorable conditions create an environment conducive to grape cultivation, fostering the development of vibrant and aromatic wines that reflect the distinct terroir of the Campania region.

The Aversa DOC's soils comprise a blend of alluvial and volcanic origins. These diverse soils, rich in minerals and nutrients, contribute to the region's viticultural character. The alluvial deposits offer good drainage, while volcanic influences provide unique elements that shape the grapes' flavors, resulting in wines with distinctive terroir expression and a harmonious balance between fruit and minerality.


Most Planted White Grape Varieties:  Asprinio

Explore the Aversa DOC through its exquisite Bianco and Spumante wines, each a testament to the region's viticultural artistry.

The Bianco is a symphony of flavors, blending a minimum of 85% Asprinio grapes with other authorized nonaromatic white varieties. This marriage produces a wine that dances on the palate with refreshing acidity and a medley of fruit and floral notes, embodying the essence of the Aversa terroir.

Step into a realm of effervescence with the Spumante, a sparkling marvel crafted exclusively from 100% Asprinio. This grape variety takes center stage, resulting in a bubbly elixir that tantalizes with every sip. Its lively effervescence accentuates the wine's citrusy zest, making it a delightful companion for celebrations or moments of indulgence.

Both the Bianco and Spumante wines from the Aversa DOC encapsulate the dedication to quality and tradition that defines the region. With every glass, you'll be transported to the sun-soaked vineyards and experience the unique character that only Asprinio can impart. Whether savored on their own or paired with local cuisine, these wines offer a sensory journey through the heart of Campania's winemaking excellence.