Castel San Lorenzo

Castel San Lorenzo

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Nestled in the heart of Southern Italy lies the Castel San Lorenzo DOC, a viticultural gem renowned for its unique terroir and the exceptional wines it produces. The region's environment plays a pivotal role in the distinct character of its wines, thanks to the area's mild Mediterranean climate, marked by warm summers and gentle winters, complemented by the region's varied topography, which ensures well-draining soils and optimal sun exposure.

Key to Castel San Lorenzo's wine legacy are the grape varieties that thrive in its nurturing environment. Leading the red varieties are Aglianicone and Barbera. The former, Aglianicone, is locally cherished for its bold flavors and rich texture, while Barbera, native to Italy's Piedmont region but equally at home here, brings its characteristic notes of cherry and ripe red fruit, alongside a balanced acidity that lends structure to the wines.

On the white spectrum, Castel San Lorenzo boasts the fragrant Moscato, renowned for its aromatic bouquet filled with hints of peach, honeysuckle, and citrus zest. Complementing Moscato's sweet nuances is Trebbiano, a versatile variety with crisp, citrus undertones that gives depth and structure to the region's white wines.

Together, these grape varieties, nurtured by the unique environmental tapestry of Castel San Lorenzo, contribute to a wine portfolio of unparalleled diversity and quality, cementing the DOC's reputation as one of Italy's vinicultural treasures.


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The Castel San Lorenzo DOC, that is located in the Campania wine region, covers the municipalities of Castel San Lorenzo, Bellosguardo, and Felitto and some of the Aquara, Castelcivita, Roccadaspide, Magliano Vetere and Ottati municipalities. All of the municipalities are located in the province of Salerno.

The vineyards of this DOC enjoy a Mediterranean climate. Winters are mild and humid, while summers are hot and dry. The highest rainfall usually falls in November, with 163 mm, while the driest month is July, which usually receives 25 mm of rainfall.

The Castel San Lorenzo DOC is blessed with soils influenced by volcanic and limestone origins. This diverse composition yields a tapestry of mineral-rich earth, contributing to the distinct character of the wines. The interplay of volcanic and limestone elements fosters a unique environment that nurtures the vineyards and imparts complexity to the grapes, resulting in wines of depth and terroir expression.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Aglianicone, Barbera

Most Planted White Grape Varieties:  Moscato, Trebbiano

Embark on a journey through the enchanting Castel San Lorenzo DOC and experience a spectrum of flavors captured in its exquisite wines. The Bianco wine beckons with a harmonious blend of 50–60% Trebbiano Toscano and 30–40% Malvasia, elevated by other authorized white grapes. Its refreshing character and delicate nuances invite you to savor every sip.

Dive into the Rosso, a captivating symphony that combines 60–80% Barbera and 20–30% Sangiovese, adorned with a touch of other authorized red grapes. This red masterpiece showcases the region's terroir, offering a harmonious interplay of fruit and depth.

The Rosato radiates with 60–80% Barbera and 20–30% Sangiovese, gracing the palate with a delicate blush. Its vivacious charm and vibrant notes make it a perfect companion for a variety of occasions.

Experience effervescence with the Spumante, crafted from a minimum of 85% Moscato and other authorized white grapes. Delight in its playful bubbles and aromatic bouquet, a testament to the artistry of the region's winemakers.

For those seeking a unique delight, the Moscato Lambiccato awaits, capturing hearts with a minimum of 85% Moscato and other authorized white grapes. This distinct wine showcases the allure of Castel San Lorenzo, presenting a sensory experience that lingers long after the last sip.

In every glass of Castel San Lorenzo DOC wine, you'll discover the passion, heritage, and flavors that define this captivating corner of Italy. Whether you're drawn to the elegance of the Bianco, the depth of the Rosso, the charm of the Rosato, the sparkle of the Spumante, or the allure of the Moscato Lambiccato, each wine tells a story that reflects the beauty of its terroir.