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Nestled in the southern part of Italy's Campania region, Cilento DOC boasts a rich winemaking tradition that finds harmony in its stunning natural environment. The Cilento region, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its cultural landscapes, enjoys a Mediterranean climate marked by warm summers and mild winters. Its unique topographical composition—ranging from sun-kissed coastal plains to hilly terrains—fosters a diversity of microclimates, making it an ideal ground for vine cultivation.

Among the red grape varieties, Aglianico stands prominent, deeply rooted in the region's history. This variety, known for producing robust, age-worthy wines, has a strong tannic structure and offers flavors reminiscent of dark fruits and spices. Complementing it, Sangiovese, an integral part of Italy’s viticultural tapestry, lends its versatile character, producing wines that range from fruity and fresh to rich and complex.

On the white spectrum, Fiano is the star of Cilento. A grape with ancient origins, Fiano produces aromatic wines, exuding notes of honey, spices, and tropical fruits, all backed by a refreshing acidity. The wine’s complexity and minerality are often attributed to Cilento's varied soils and its proximity to the Tyrrhenian Sea.

In conclusion, Cilento DOC is not just a testament to Italy's viticultural prowess but also a celebration of the intimate relationship between the land and its wines. The key grape varieties, Aglianico, Sangiovese, and Fiano, encapsulate the region's essence, offering wine enthusiasts a taste of Cilento's soul in every sip.


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The Cilento DOC, located in the Campania wine region, covers 59 municipalities in the southern part of the province of Salerno. It extends along the southern part of the Campania coast, on the Tyrrhenian Sea, bordering to the north with Agropoli and to the south with Sapri. In addition, the DOC includes some inland territories, reaching as far as the Alburni Mountains.

In this DOC, the climate is Mediterranean, although with maritime influences due to its location near the Tyrrhenian Sea. In addition, the Alburni Mountains, which are part of the Apennines, greatly influence the region's terroir, as they give rise to the characteristic slopes.

Cilento DOC's soil is a mosaic of diverse compositions, from clay and limestone to volcanic and sandy elements. This intricate blend fosters a rich tapestry that contributes to the distinct character of the wines. The soil's medley of minerals and textures creates a nurturing environment, lending depth and complexity to the grapes, resulting in wines that reflect the region's unique terroir.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Aglianico, Sangiovese

Most Planted White Grape Varieties:  Fiano

Indulge in the essence of Cilento DOC through its remarkable Bianco, Rosato, and Rosso wines, each an eloquent expression of the region's rich terroir and winemaking expertise.

The Bianco is a captivating symphony, where 60–65% Fiano takes the lead, harmonizing with 20–30% Trebbiano, and 10–15% Greco and/or Malvasia. A touch of other authorized grapes completes the ensemble, resulting in a wine of vibrant character and balanced complexity.

Experience the allure of the Rosato, a rosé of distinction crafted from 70–80% Sangiovese, 10–15% Aglianico, and 10–15% Piedirosso and/or Primitivo. Enchanting hues reveal a blend that mirrors the sun-kissed landscape, offering a refreshing palate adorned with a touch of other authorized grapes.

Embrace the depth of the Rosso, a red masterpiece composed of 60–75% Aglianico, 15–20% Piedirosso and/or Primitivo, and a maximum of 25% other authorized grapes. This blend captures the essence of Cilento, presenting a wine of richness and structure that unfolds with every sip.

In each glass of Cilento DOC wine, you'll find a journey through the rolling hills, sun-soaked vineyards, and maritime influence that define this remarkable region. Whether you're drawn to the elegance of Bianco, the allure of Rosato, or the depth of Rosso, these wines embody the spirit of Cilento and the artistry of its winemakers.