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Nestled in the heart of Italy, the Capriano del Colle DOC paints a picturesque tableau of vine-draped hillsides, historic terracotta-roofed villages, and sun-kissed groves. This distinctive wine region enjoys the embrace of a Mediterranean climate, where balmy summers and crisp winters intermingle with the gentle breath of the sea. This delicate interplay of nature ensures an environment conducive to vine growth, allowing the vines to sink their roots deep into the mineral-rich soil.

A walk through its vineyards is akin to a journey through a gallery of Italy's viticultural heritage. While an array of grape varieties thrive in this fecund region, there are those that stand out, embodying the very soul of Capriano del Colle. The red Marzemino grape, with its plush fruit flavors, often takes center stage, often mingling in harmonious symphony with the richness of Merlot and the vibrant, tangy notes of Sangiovese. Together, they craft red wines that are both robust and elegant, capturing the essence of the terroir.

On the paler side of the spectrum, the Trebbiano grape thrives. Known for its versatility, it produces white wines that range from light and zesty to full-bodied and aromatic. Its wines dance on the palate with fresh citrus undertones, punctuated by floral hints and nuances of green apple.

The Capriano del Colle DOC is not just about wine; it's about the celebration of an environment that breathes life into every cluster of grapes. It's about respecting traditions while embracing modernity. At the heart of it all stands a community that cherishes its land and the fruits it bears, ever committed to sharing a bottle that tells a story of their home.


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1800 - 2100


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The DOC Capriano del Colle, located in the Lombardy wine region, encompasses the territories of Capriano del Colle, Poncarale and Flero, on a small plateau of about 10 square kilometers.

This region has a humid subtropical climate. Summers are usually warm and have a high concentration of humidity, while winters are generally very cold. This temperature difference between seasons helps the grapes to ripen better.

On the other hand, the soils of this region are characterized by a superposition of layers of debris and clays, transported downstream by the glaciers near this region. As a result, the vines develop in structured soils that have lower permeability and greater water retention.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Marzemino, Merlot, Sangiovese

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Trebbiano

The Capriano del Colle DOC, nestled in the Lombardy region of Italy, offers a delightful range of white and red wines, each with its own distinctive charm.

The white wines from Capriano del Colle enchant with their light and refreshing character, crafted with a minimum of 60% of the Trebbiano grape. Trebbiano, known for its crisp acidity and delicate floral notes, is the backbone of these wines, contributing a lively and citrusy bouquet. The white wines captivate the palate with flavors of green apple, lemon, and subtle hints of white flowers. Perfect for warm summer days or as an aperitif, they embody the essence of the region's terroir.

On the other hand, the red wines of Capriano del Colle present a harmonious blend of grape varieties, showcasing the artistry of the winemakers. Comprising a minimum of 40% Marzemino, these reds boast a rich and velvety texture. Marzemino bestows an enticing mix of black cherry, plum, and spices, creating an alluring complexity. Merlot adds depth to the blend with a minimum of 20%, offering luscious blackberry and dark chocolate notes. Sangiovese, at a minimum of 10%, introduces a touch of Italian finesse, accentuating the wine with hints of red berries and herbal nuances. A unique touch is provided by the maximum 10% inclusion of other authorized red grape varieties. This addition contributes a touch of local flair, highlighting the authenticity of the wines. The red wines of Capriano del Colle captivate the senses with their velvety texture, expressive aromas, and balanced structure. Ideal for pairing with hearty Italian dishes or savoring on their own, they reflect the heart and soul of this picturesque wine region.

From the zesty white wines to the captivating reds, the Capriano del Colle DOC proudly showcases a diverse array of wines that celebrate the essence of Lombardy's winemaking tradition and the exceptional grapes that thrive in its fertile soils.