Pinot Nero dell’Oltrepò Pavese

Pinot Nero dell’Oltrepò Pavese

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Deep within the heart of Italy's Lombardy region lies a treasure that every wine aficionado must seek out: the Pinot Nero dell'Oltrepò Pavese DOC. This wine stands as a testament to the harmonious dance between nature and the age-old traditions of winemaking.

The Oltrepò Pavese area is cradled in a unique environment, nestled between the Po Valley and the Apennine Mountains. This position blesses the vineyards with a distinctive microclimate. Cold mountain breezes clash with the warm currents from the valley, resulting in dramatic temperature shifts which are essential for the development of the Pinot Noir grape's complex flavor profile. The vineyards, with their alternating slopes and terrains, capture both the morning's delicate sunshine and the evening's gentle embrace, ensuring that the grapes ripen to perfection.

Pinot Noir, known locally as Pinot Nero, is the star of this DOC. This grape variety, famed for its finicky nature, has found a true home in Oltrepò Pavese. It's no surprise that Pinot Noir is the most planted red grape variety here. Its delicate skin, which is sensitive to the environment, manages to encapsulate the essence of the region. Every bottle tells a story of the soil, the climate, and the meticulous care of the vineyard workers.

When one sips a glass of Pinot Nero dell'Oltrepò Pavese DOC, they're not just tasting wine. They are partaking in a legacy, an art form, and most importantly, the spirit of a land that has given its all to the craft of winemaking. The wine embodies elegance, with its ruby-red hue shimmering in the glass, releasing fragrant bouquets of red fruits, earthy undertones, and subtle hints of spices.

In essence, Pinot Nero dell’Oltrepò Pavese DOC isn't just a wine; it's a journey through time and terrain, inviting every sipper to experience the wonders of its birthplace.


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1400 - 1800


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The Pinot Nero dell’Oltrepò Pavese region is located in the Lombardy wine region. It includes the mountainous wine belt of the "Oltrepò Pavese".

The climate is characterized by a lack of uniformity in the distribution of solar radiation, but despite this the eastern zone has greater homogeneity than the western zone. Regarding the temperatures, they are usually between 11°C and 12°C.

Regarding the soils, they are very diverse in the region. For example, while in the terraces predominates alluvial deposits in terraces, in the nexus between the plain and the mountainous zone predominates alternations of conglomerates, sandstones, siltstones and clays.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Pinot Noir

The Pinot Nero dell'Oltrepò Pavese DOC, nestled in the picturesque Lombardy region of northern Italy, is home to an array of exquisite red wines. Among them, the most common and revered is the Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) grape variety. Known for its finesse and versatility, Pinot Nero has found its perfect expression in this unique appellation.

In the hands of skilled winemakers, the Pinot Nero grape thrives in the region's hilly terrain, benefitting from varying elevations and microclimates. The result is a red wine that captivates with its elegance and complexity.

With a radiant ruby color, the Pinot Nero dell'Oltrepò Pavese DOC wines reveal a delicate bouquet of red berries, cherries, and sometimes subtle earthy or floral notes. The palate is met with a harmonious balance of fruitiness and refined tannins, creating a velvety texture that lingers gracefully.

Pinot Nero dell'Oltrepò Pavese DOC wines offer a captivating drinking experience, characterized by their lively acidity and well-defined structure. The wines age gracefully, allowing for further development of their rich flavors and nuanced aromas.

Pairing seamlessly with a diverse array of dishes, these red wines elevate any dining experience. From classic Italian cuisine to international fare, the Pinot Nero dell'Oltrepò Pavese DOC wines complement a wide spectrum of flavors, making them a sought-after choice among wine enthusiasts.