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Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Lombardy, San Colombano al Lambro DOC is a hidden gem in the Italian wine scene. The region, radiating an old-world charm, showcases the harmonious blend of nature and viticulture. With the gentle undulations of its hills and the poetic whisper of the Lambro River, San Colombano al Lambro provides a unique terroir, which captures the essence of both its environment and heritage.

The vineyards, kissed by generous sunshine and cradled by the nurturing embrace of the land, are the birthplace of some exceptional grape varieties. Among the reds, Barbera stands out as a predominant variety, flaunting its rich and full-bodied profile, followed closely by the robust Croatina, the delicate Pinot Nero, and the rare and fascinating Uva rara. These grapes weave a narrative of depth, intensity, and finesse in the wines they produce.

On the white spectrum, Chardonnay reigns supreme in San Colombano al Lambro. With its adaptability and versatility, Chardonnay grapes capture the mineral undertones of the soil, resulting in wines that are both elegant and expressive.

In essence, San Colombano al Lambro DOC is not just a wine-producing region. It's a testament to the enduring bond between the land and its cultivators, where every bottle tells a story of the environment it thrived in and the hands that nurtured it to perfection.


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The San Colombano al Lambro DOC is located in the Lombardy wine region. Grapes for the production of the wines from this DOC must be produced exclusively in the hilly area of the municipalities of San Colombano al Lambro in the province of Milan, Graffignana and Sant'Angelo Lodigiano in the province of Lodi, Miradolo Terme and Inverno Monteleone in the province of Pavia.

The climate of the area is typical of the Po Valley and is influenced by the proximity of the Po River, which moderates the temperature and is key for the climate of the region, very suitable for viticulture.

The predominant soils in the region are formed by coarse fluvio-glacial materials, while a southern portion of the plain is formed by fine fluvial sediments.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Barbera, Croatina, Pinot Nero, Uva rara

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Chardonnay

In the San Colombraro al Lambro DOC, two exceptional wines take center stage – the white and red wines crafted with precision and tradition.

For white wines, the signature blend combines a minimum of 50% Chardonnay, lending its elegant and fruity character to the composition. At least 10% of Pinot Nero adds a delightful touch of red fruit flavors and depth to the wine. Completing the ensemble are up to 15% of other authorized white grape varieties, contributing to the wine's complexity and balance. The result is a luscious white wine with a bright, golden hue, exuding aromas of ripe orchard fruits, citrus zest, and delicate floral notes. On the palate, a harmonious blend of fruitiness and crisp acidity creates a refreshing and satisfying experience, perfect for warm days or pairing with light seafood dishes and creamy cheeses.

On the other hand, the renowned red wine of San Colombano al Lambro showcases a captivating blend, featuring 30% to 50% Croatina, a native grape variety known for its vibrant color and bold character. Up to 50% Barbera complements the blend, contributing its rich red fruit flavors and smooth tannins. Adding complexity to the mix is a maximum of 15% Uva Rara, a grape variety with a distinctive spicy and earthy touch. The composition is rounded off with up to 15% of other authorized red grape varieties, bringing depth and nuances to the final wine. The resulting red wine boasts a deep ruby-red color, enticing the senses with aromas of ripe berries, cherries, and hints of spices. On the palate, a perfect marriage of fruitiness and structured tannins delivers a well-balanced and velvety texture. This versatile red wine complements a variety of dishes, from hearty pasta and grilled meats to aged cheeses, making it a favorite among connoisseurs and casual wine enthusiasts alike.

In San Colombano al Lambro, these two wines stand as a testament to the region's commitment to quality winemaking and the unique terroir that shapes their character. Whether enjoying a crisp and lively white or savoring a robust and flavorful red, these wines invite enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the rich winemaking heritage of this charming Italian town.