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Tucked away in the northern reaches of Italy's Lombardy region lies Scanzo DOCG, an appellation with a rich legacy and an even richer offering. A tapestry of undulating hills and pristine valleys, Scanzo's environment plays a pivotal role in shaping the wines that emerge from its soils.

Central to Scanzo DOCG's acclaim is its star grape, the Moscato di Scanzo. Unlike the typical Moscatos one might think of, this unique variety has carved out its niche in the red wine category. Graced by the region's temperate climate, the Moscato di Scanzo grapes mature perfectly, soaking in the warmth of sunny days and the freshness of cool nights, thereby developing a deep color and a complex aromatic profile.

From this extraordinary grape comes Scanzo's crowning glory: the Passito Rosso. Produced through a meticulous process of air-drying the grapes, this wine is a symphony of flavors. Its rich hues of ruby hint at the sensory journey ahead. On the nose, it releases intense aromas of red berries, intertwined with fragrant roses and a touch of spice. As it dances on the palate, the Passito Rosso unfolds layers of dried fruits, honey, and herbs, culminating in a velvety, lingering finish.

In essence, Scanzo DOCG is not just a region; it's a testament to the magic that happens when nature's bounty meets human artistry. The Moscato di Scanzo and the Passito Rosso stand as proud symbols of this harmonious blend.


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Tucked away in the heart of Lombardy, Scanzo DOCG is a vinicultural gem nestled within Italy's rich tapestry of wine regions. The landscape of Scanzo is characterized by undulating hills, draped with meticulously cultivated vineyards that have, over the centuries, become emblematic of the region. These rolling terrains are dotted with ancient vineyards, each telling a tale of generations dedicated to the craft of winemaking.

The terrain, predominantly composed of limestone and clay, provides the perfect foundation for the vines to thrive. This, combined with the temperate climate, ensures that the grapes receive just the right amount of sunlight and rain, a balance crucial for achieving the distinctive flavor profiles the region is celebrated for.

Beyond the vineyards, the horizon of Scanzo is punctuated by quaint villages and historic estates. The region's charm is accentuated by groves of olive trees and patches of forests, adding to its lush greenery. Streams meander through the valleys, their gentle gurgle harmonizing with the songs of birds that call these woods home.

Each season paints Scanzo in a different hue – the vibrant greens of spring give way to the warm golds of autumn, reflecting the cyclical rhythm of nature and winemaking. This harmonious blend of natural beauty and human endeavor makes Scanzo DOCG not just a location, but a sensory experience, where every sight, sound, and aroma tells a story of tradition, passion, and the timeless allure of the vine.

Nestled in Lombardy, Scanzo DOCG is a canvas painted by nature's finest strokes. Its climate is a dance between continental warmth and Mediterranean freshness, offering grapes a balanced stage to ripen and flourish.

Daytime in Scanzo basks under a sun that showers the vineyards with gentle warmth, nurturing the grapes towards optimal maturity. But as nightfall approaches, the Alpine breezes sweep in, blanketing the region with cool, refreshing air. This rhythmic swing between warm days and cool nights ensures the grapes maintain their vibrant acidity and rich complexity.

Rainfall graces Scanzo with a touch both gentle and even-handed. The skies weep just enough, ensuring the soils are moist but never drenched, safeguarding the vines from the clutches of disease. The rain's tender touch keeps the vines quenched, reducing the need for human intervention.

Winters in Scanzo are a gentle embrace. The cold is mild, seldom biting, ensuring the resting vines face no harsh adversities. As the season transitions to spring, it does so with grace, minimizing the threats of late frosts and setting the stage for consistent bud break. Summer, on the other hand, is warm but not scorching, its heat tempered by the soothing whispers of nearby lakes and rivers.

The undulating landscape of Scanzo, with its rises and falls, acts not just as a backdrop but as a guardian—protecting its vineyards from extreme weather whims and channeling the nurturing elements exactly where they're needed.

In the heart of Scanzo DOCG, it's not just about weather; it's a choreographed climate, each element flowing seamlessly into the next, all in service of the cherished Moscato di Scanzo grape. Every season, every drop of rain, and every sunbeam tells a story of a land in perfect harmony with its vines.

Scanzo DOCG's soils are a reflection of a deep and varied geological tapestry, each type lending its unique voice to the region's viticultural choir. This dynamic interplay of soils doesn't just anchor the vines but imbues the wine with distinctive qualities, making every sip a journey through time and terrain.

  1. Limestone Richness: Dominating much of Scanzo's landscape is limestone. This calcareous substrate not only ensures excellent drainage but infuses the wines with notable mineral undertones. Its ability to optimize pH balance for the vines guarantees efficient nutrient absorption.
  2. Clay's Embrace: Woven amidst the limestone are generous swathes of clay. Beyond its ability to retain water, particularly valuable during dry periods, clay contributes depth and structure to the wines, enhancing their mouthfeel.
  3. Alluvial Deposits: Near Scanzo's waterways, ancient alluvial soils emerge, bearing witness to bygone riverbeds. A mix of silt, sand, and minerals, these soils amplify the wines' aromatic intricacy and vivacity.
  4. Sandy Stretches: Certain areas of Scanzo DOCG are marked by the prominence of sand. These soils, while ensuring optimal aeration and deep root penetration, often lead to wines that are fragrant and gracefully light on the palate.
  5. Organic Richness: Dotted throughout Scanzo are zones abundant in organic matter and minerals. This nutritious blend fosters vigorous vine growth and fruit development, adding another layer to the region's vinous narrative.


Moscato di Scanzo, often mistaken for its white Moscato counterparts, stands distinctly apart with its deep, almost black hue. As the smallest DOCG in Italy, Scanzo DOCG's pride lies in this unique grape variety. The berries of the Moscato di Scanzo are small and compact, with a thick skin that shelters the lush, concentrated juice within. As the grape ripens, it takes on an intense purple shade, hinting at the rich, aromatic experience it promises.

The allure of Moscato di Scanzo is not just in its appearance; it truly comes to life when you delve into its aromatic and flavor profile. On the nose, it greets you with an opulent bouquet of red fruits like raspberries and cherries, intertwined with subtle notes of rose petals. Beneath these initial fragrances lies a deeper, more complex layer of spices, dark chocolate, and hints of dried herbs. Upon tasting, the grape unfolds a tapestry of flavors. Its natural sweetness is balanced perfectly by a lively acidity, allowing the flavors of dried fruits, honey, and even a touch of medicinal herbs to shine through. The grape's thick skin imparts structured tannins, giving the wine a robust mouthfeel, yet it finishes elegantly, leaving behind a memory of its rich, velvety flavors. The Moscato di Scanzo is truly a sensory journey, capturing the essence of Scanzo DOCG in every sip.

Within the verdant landscapes of Lombardy's Scanzo DOCG, the Passito Rosso stands out as a harmonious blend of time-honored tradition and innovative flair. This unique wine, birthed solely from the Moscato di Scanzo grape, undergoes a delicate air-drying process. This patience-intensive endeavor elevates the wine to a realm where patience meets perfection.

As you pour a glass, the wine's aromatic dance begins. Vibrant red berries, predominantly raspberries and cherries, burst forth, only to be tenderly intertwined with the subtle grace of rose petals. As moments pass, a deeper complexity emerges with hints of spices and dark chocolate, keeping the senses engaged and enchanted.

On tasting, the Passito Rosso unveils a symphony of flavors. Its core, deeply rooted in the Moscato di Scanzo grape, sings notes of dried fruits, drizzled with the golden essence of honey. While the wine's sweetness serenades the palate, it's brilliantly harmonized by a lively acidity. Subtle whispers of medicinal herbs and the gentle grip of tannins add layers, making each sip a comprehensive exploration of its depth.

In essence, the Passito Rosso is not just a wine; it's Scanzo DOCG's melody, a song sung by the Moscato di Scanzo grape, and a story that lingers long after the last sip.