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Nestled in Italy's picturesque Piedmont region, the Colli Tortonesi DOC stands as a testament to viticulture's age-old relationship with its environment. A patchwork of rolling hills and fertile valleys, the region enjoys a unique microclimate, benefiting from both Mediterranean influences and the protective embrace of the Apennine Mountains. This climatic balance not only fosters a healthy diversity of flora and fauna but also creates optimal conditions for grape cultivation.

Barbera is the region's flagship red grape, known for its deep ruby hue, robust body, and a palate teeming with flavors of ripe berries and hints of spice. Renowned for its vivacity and versatility, Barbera wines from Colli Tortonesi are celebrated for their depth, longevity, and ability to age gracefully.

Parallel to Barbera's dominance in reds is the rise of Timorasso for whites. Once a nearly forgotten variety, Timorasso has witnessed a spirited revival in recent decades. It thrives in the distinctive terroir of Colli Tortonesi, yielding wines that mesmerize with their aromatic complexity, mineral undertones, and a structured palate that promises an evolving tasting experience.

Together, these grape varieties, grounded in the rich tapestry of the Colli Tortonesi environment, tell a story of tradition and innovation, a dance of sun, soil, and skill that transforms every bottle into a poetic expression of the land from which it hails.



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The Colli Tortonesi DOC, located in the Piedmont wine region, covers mountain vineyards in the hilly areas of 47 municipalities in the Tortona province. The quality of the wines from this region is overseen by the Consorzio di Tutela Colli Tortonesi, which has the mission of ensuring the integrity and excellence of Colli Tortonesi DOC wines.

The summers of this region are temperate, with an average temperature above 25°C, while during the cold winters, the average temperature drops below 11°C. Regarding rainfall, this region has an annual average of 1055 mm.

Regarding the region's soils, they are mainly clay-loamy and have the particularity of transmitting lithium to the grapes. This gives a good minerality to the wines and good aging potential.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Barbera

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Timorasso

In the enchanting hills of Piedmont's Colli Tortonesi DOC, a delightful assortment of red and white wines awaits discovery. The region, nestled in the shadow of the Apennines, showcases wines that embody the essence of its unique terroir.

The most common red wine in Colli Tortonesi is the Barbera. Bursting with vibrancy, the Barbera wines enchant with their rich flavors of ripe cherries, blackberries, and a hint of spice. Smooth tannins and refreshing acidity elevate these wines, making them a perfect match for classic Italian fare.

For white wine enthusiasts, the Timorasso grape takes center stage in Colli Tortonesi. These elegant whites showcase enticing aromas of white flowers and citrus, leading to a crisp palate with flavors of green apple and hints of honey. The Timorasso whites capture the purity of the region's terroir, offering a refreshing and aromatic experience.

The winemakers in Colli Tortonesi, deeply connected to their land, nurture the vineyards with utmost care, respecting age-old traditions. The region's favorable climate, with warm days and cool nights, allows for balanced grape ripening, resulting in wines of exceptional quality.

Dining in Colli Tortonesi becomes a true gastronomic delight, as the Barbera reds elevate rich pasta dishes, savory roasts, and aged cheeses, while the Timorasso whites enhance seafood, salads, and light appetizers.

With its diverse and charming wine offerings, Colli Tortonesi DOC welcomes wine enthusiasts to explore the beauty of its red and white treasures, each sip revealing the magic of Piedmontese winemaking artistry.