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Nestled within the picturesque landscape of Piedmont, Italy, the Gavi DOCG wine region is a captivating tapestry of rolling hills and lush vineyards. This enchanting terrain, with its average altitude ranging between 200 to 400 meters, provides an ideal canvas for cultivating the renowned Cortese grape, the region's mainstay. Gavi's cool climate, characterized by its annual rainfall of approximately 800 to 1000 millimeters, fosters the growth of this distinctive grape variety.

Gavi's viticultural story is a tale of quality and heritage. Over recent years, the region has consistently produced around 95,500 hectoliters of wine annually. The star of the show, the Cortese grape, has found its true expression in the Gavi DOCG's diverse wine offerings. From the classic Bianco to the refined Bianco Riserva, and from the effervescent Spumante to the prestigious Spumante Riserva, Gavi's wines reflect the unique terroir and meticulous craftsmanship that define this region.

Amidst the captivating backdrop of the Gavi landscape, the vineyards embrace the Cortese grape, giving rise to a range of wines that capture the essence of this enchanting terroir. This blend of nature's grace and winemaking artistry produces an experience that is as timeless as it is unforgettable.



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Nestled within the enchanting Piedmont region of Italy, the Gavi DOCG wine region unveils a captivating landscape that effortlessly marries nature's beauty with viticultural artistry. Rolling hills, draped in verdant vineyards, create a mesmerizing tableau that stretches as far as the eye can see. These undulating slopes embrace the vines, cradling them in a mosaic of hues that change with the seasons.

The terrain is a tapestry of textures and colors, as sunlight dances upon the leaves and casts shadows upon the earth. Quaint villages and historic estates dot the landscape, adding an air of timeless elegance to the surroundings. Gavi's gently contoured hills not only provide an aesthetically pleasing backdrop but also serve a vital purpose in creating microclimates that contribute to the unique character of its wines.

As the sun bathes the landscape in a warm embrace, it infuses life into the Cortese grape vines that thrive here. The interplay of altitude and the region's temperate climate results in an intricate balance between sunlight and cool breezes. This harmonious coexistence of nature's elements crafts an ideal stage for the creation of wines that are an ode to the land's legacy.

The preservation of the unparalleled quality of the wines from this regionis overseen by the Consorzio Tutela del Gavi DOCG, an organization committed to ensuring the caliber of the wines produced in this region. Through rigorous standards and dedicated stewardship, the Consorzio ensures that each bottle bearing the Gavi DOCG label truly reflects the essence and tradition of this extraordinary landscape.

The climate of the Gavi DOCG wine region, nestled in Italy's Piedmont, is a harmonious blend of temperate and continental influences. This dynamic interplay shapes the very essence of the wines that originate from this area, as it dances through distinct seasonal variations.

Spring and summer see the landscape adorned with mild to warm temperatures, casting abundant sunlight upon the vineyards. This natural embrace of warmth nurtures the growth and maturation of the Cortese grape, infusing it with vibrant flavors and aromatic complexities. Come evening, the temperature's gentle drop keeps the grapes' acidity intact, a vital element in crafting wines that sing with freshness.

With the gradual cooling of autumn, Gavi transitions into a period of preparation. Warm days are followed by cooler nights, meticulously creating the perfect conditions for the grape harvest. This exquisite balance of warmth and chill culminates in grapes that hold the magic trio: sugar, acidity, and rich flavors, laying the foundation for wines that carry a symphony of depth.

As winter unfurls its cool embrace, the vines retreat into dormancy, conserving energy and gathering strength for the seasons ahead. This rhythm, deeply ingrained in the vines' natural cycle, nurtures their long-term health and sets the stage for the quality of future vintages.

Throughout the year, Gavi experiences moderate rainfall, with spring and fall bearing the gift of more precipitation. This measured bestowal of rain is a vital partner in fostering healthy vine growth and ensuring the vines have the hydration they need during crucial growth stages.

In this unique climatic tapestry, the Gavi DOCG region finds its voice. It's a chorus where the Cortese grape, guided by the rhythms of nature, emerges as the protagonist, harmonizing with the climate's cadence to produce wines that echo the very soul of this enchanting terroir.

The Gavi DOCG wine region showcases a diverse tapestry of soils, each contributing to the nuanced flavors and distinct characteristics of its wines. These soils, a reflection of the region's geological history, have a profound influence on the vines that flourish within them.

  1. Clayey Soils: Some areas of Gavi feature clayey soils, rich in minerals and nutrients. These soils provide a sturdy foundation for the vines, ensuring a steady supply of water and nutrients even during drier periods. Wines grown in clay-rich soils often exhibit depth and structure, with a notable ability to age gracefully.
  2. Limestone and Marl: A hallmark of Gavi's terroir is its limestone and marl soils, which are prevalent in many vineyard sites. These calcareous soils, born from ancient sea deposits, lend an elegant mineral character to the wines. They also promote natural drainage, which can result in grapes with concentrated flavors and balanced acidity.
  3. Sandy Loams: In some areas, sandy loam soils prevail. These soils possess a well-draining nature, ensuring excess water doesn't accumulate around the roots of the vines. This encourages the vines to develop deep root systems in search of water, which can contribute to the vines' overall health and resilience.
  4. Silt and Gravel: Other parts of Gavi feature soils composed of silt and gravel. These well-draining soils often help regulate water retention and provide good aeration to the vine roots. Gravel, in particular, can help radiate the sun's warmth, aiding in the ripening process and adding complexity to the resulting wines.
  5. Schist and Sandstone: In certain pockets, schist and sandstone soils make their presence felt. These rock-based soils can impart unique mineral notes to the wines, adding an intriguing layer of complexity. The rocky nature of these soils can also contribute to reduced vigor in the vines, leading to lower yields and potentially more concentrated grapes.


The Cortese grape, a jewel of the Gavi DOCG wine region in Italy, boasts physical characteristics that define its allure. With clusters that vary in size and shape, this grape variety showcases an elegant green-gold hue when fully ripe. Its thick skin shelters a delicate pulp, hinting at the vibrant flavors that lie beneath.

Beyond its appearance, the Cortese grape takes center stage in the realm of oenology. Renowned for its ability to mirror the terroir of Gavi's rolling hills, it imparts a crisp acidity and an enticing minerality to the wines it yields. Winemakers treasure its versatility, crafting a spectrum of expressions that range from the classic Gavi Bianco to the elevated complexity of Gavi Bianco Riserva. This grape's potential truly shines in the creation of sparkling wines, from the lively Spumante to the prestigious Spumante Riserva, capturing effervescence within its essence.

As the cornerstone of Gavi DOCG's viticultural heritage, the Cortese grape weaves a tale of both physical allure and oenological magic. It is the nexus where nature's artistry meets the craftsmanship of winemakers, resulting in wines that encapsulate the very spirit of the Gavi landscape.

At the heart of Gavi DOCG's winemaking legacy lies the Cortese grape, an exclusive composition for its Bianco, Bianco Riserva, Spumante, and Riserva Spumante Metodo Classico wines. These exquisite offerings are a testament to the grape's remarkable ability to capture the essence of the Gavi landscape.

  1. Bianco: Crafted from 100% Cortese grapes, the Bianco wine is a masterpiece of freshness and vibrancy. It unveils a pale straw hue and a bouquet that dances between delicate floral notes and zesty citrus aromas. On the palate, its crisp acidity and subtle minerality create a harmonious symphony, making it a perfect companion for leisurely afternoons and delectable seafood feasts.
  2. Bianco Riserva: Elevating the Cortese experience, the Bianco Riserva stands as a testament to time's transformative power. Aged for a minimum of one year, including six months in the bottle, this wine matures into a nuanced expression of complexity. Golden in color, it exudes an alluring fragrance of ripe fruits and toasted almonds. With each sip, layers of flavor unfold, leading to a remarkably elegant and lingering finish.
  3. Spumante: The Spumante captures the vivacity of Cortese in effervescent splendor. This sparkling gem is created using the traditional Charmat method, where a secondary fermentation infuses the wine with a cascade of fine bubbles. Bursting with floral and green apple aromas, its lively character on the palate is complemented by a refreshing acidity, culminating in a joyful celebration of Gavi's terroir.
  4. Riserva Spumante Metodo Classico: The pinnacle of Gavi's sparkling repertoire, the Riserva Spumante Metodo Classico embodies the epitome of craftsmanship. Crafted using the traditional Metodo Classico technique, where the wine undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle, it matures gracefully over time, gaining layers of complexity. With a refined effervescence, it boasts a bouquet of ripe orchard fruits and freshly baked bread. Each sip is a journey through elegance and finesse, reflecting the dedication poured into its creation.