Contessa Entellina

Contessa Entellina

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Nestled in the undulating hills of Sicily lies the prestigious wine region of Contessa Entellina DOC. A blend of age-old tradition and avant-garde viticulture, this area is a testament to the harmony between nature and man.

The environment of Contessa Entellina is a key player in shaping its wines. The Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot, dry summers and mild winters, is moderated by sea breezes and altitude, resulting in a balanced ecosystem. The diverse soil types, ranging from clay to limestone, offer a distinct mineral footprint that gets imprinted onto every bottle.

Central to the region's oenological identity are its grape varieties. The reds are dominated by the global titans of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, which have found a unique expression in the Sicilian soil. However, the native Nero d’Avola holds its own, offering wines of depth and intensity, with notes of ripe fruits and spices. On the white spectrum, the Ansonica, a variety known for its refreshing citrusy notes, shares the spotlight with Catarratto, a grape indigenous to Sicily, offering wines with floral undertones. Not to be left behind, the globally renowned Chardonnay finds its voice in this terroir, delivering wines with rich textures and nuanced fruitiness.

In essence, Contessa Entellina DOC is more than just a wine region; it's a narrative of the land, the climate, and the vines that have thrived under the Sicilian sun, producing wines that echo the uniqueness of their origin.


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The DOC Contessa Entellina covers the entire municipality of the same name, and is part of the Sicily wine region. The area dedicated to wine production is concentrated especially in the heart of the Belice Valley.

The climate of this DOC is Mediterranean. Rainfall is usually 700 mm per year, more concentrated between autumn and winter, while the temperature usually ranges between 11°C and 30°C. On the other hand, the winter months concentrate a greater amount of humidity, while the summer months are somewhat drier.

Regarding the soils, there is a greater predominance of brown or vertex brown soils. However, the internal hills are mainly composed of clay, and are settled on alluvial soils.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Nero d’Avola

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Ansonica, Catarratto, Chardonnay

In the enchanting Contessa Entellina DOC wine region, two exceptional wines take center stage – the red and white wines, each showcasing the distinct characteristics of the terroir and grape varieties.

For the red wines, Nero d'Avola and Syrah reign as the stars of the show, contributing a minimum of 50% to the blend. Nero d'Avola brings forth its rich and velvety dark fruit flavors, while Syrah adds a touch of spiciness and complexity. The combination of these noble grape varieties results in wines with a harmonious balance of fruit, structure, and soft tannins. The addition of other authorized red grape varieties further enhances the depth and allure of the red wines, creating an enticing array of flavors that unfold with every sip.

Meanwhile, the white wines of Contessa Entellina captivate with Ansonica as their centerpiece, comprising at least 50% of the blend. Ansonica, also known as Inzolia, showcases its aromatic charm, characterized by notes of citrus, stone fruits, and delicate floral nuances. Complemented by other authorized white grape varieties, the white wines are imbued with a vibrant acidity and a pleasant mineral undertone, creating a crisp and refreshing profile that captures the essence of the Mediterranean sun and sea breeze.

In Contessa Entellina DOC, the dedication to showcasing the unique expression of Nero d'Avola, Syrah, and Ansonica shines through in each bottle. The region's ideal climate and soil, combined with the skilled winemaking techniques, result in wines that embody the true spirit of Sicily's viticultural heritage. Whether indulging in a robust red or savoring a lively white, Contessa Entellina wines invite wine enthusiasts on a captivating journey of flavor and discovery, painting a vivid portrait of the region's winemaking prowess and its rich cultural history.