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Nestled in the heart of Italy, Umbria is often heralded as the country's green heart, a title it undoubtedly deserves. Among its verdant hills and timeless landscapes, the Amelia DOC stands out as one of its most cherished wine-producing regions. The climate, characterized by warm summers and mild winters, along with the rich and varied soil compositions, makes it particularly conducive to viticulture.

The environment of Amelia DOC is a harmonious blend of natural elements. The region benefits from generous sunshine and just the right amount of rainfall, allowing vineyards to flourish and produce grapes of distinct character. The rolling hills not only provide a picturesque backdrop but also play a vital role in drainage and sun exposure, factors crucial to the cultivation of high-quality grapes.

The wines of Amelia DOC are a true reflection of its environment and the dedication of its winemakers. Among the reds, Ciliegiolo is celebrated for its cherry-like aromas, while Merlot offers its signature softness and plum notes. Sangiovese, a grape synonymous with Italian reds, brings structure and a touch of spice to the region's blends. As for the whites, Grechetto stands out with its crisp, apple undertones. Malvasia lends a floral, aromatic profile, and Trebbiano adds a refreshing citrusy zest. Together, these grape varieties weave a tapestry of flavors that echo the beauty and richness of the Amelia DOC's environment. It's truly a taste of Umbria's green heart.


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The Amelia DOC is located in the Umbria wine region. The production area of this DOC includes the entire territory of the municipalities of: Attigliano, Giove, Penna in Teverina, Alviano, Amelia, Calvi dell'Umbria, Guardea, Lugnano in Teverina, Montecastrilli, Narni, Otricoli, Sangemini, Stroncone and Terni.

Two types of climate characterize this region:

On the one hand, in the areas of Terni and the Trasimeno lake, the climate is Mediterranean, with hotter summers.

On the other hand, in the inland areas and those closer to the Apennines, the climate is more continental due to the influence of the mountain ranges.

The soils of the region are very diverse:

In the soutwest, for example, the soils have marine sediments.

On the other hand, the west is made up of sandy clays and yellowish sands.

In the area that separates Lugnano in Teverina and Giove, the soils are of volcanic origin. They comprise stratified tuffs and other elements such as ashes or pumice stone.

Finally, to the northeast, there are sandy-clay soils where vines are intensively cultivated.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Ciliegiolo, Merlot, Sangiovese

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Grechetto, Malvasia, Trebbiano

The wines of Amelia DOC, nestled in the picturesque region of Umbria, Italy, offer a captivating symphony of flavors that reflect the essence of their terroir. Among these are the Bianco, Rosato, Rosso, and Vin Santo, each a testament to the artistry and tradition that flourish within this esteemed appellation.

The Bianco from Amelia DOC is a delightful composition, harmonizing a minimum of 50% Trebbiano Toscano with a medley of other authorized white grapes. This pale elixir captures the essence of the sun-soaked vineyards, presenting a crisp and vibrant character. The dominant Trebbiano Toscano lends its unique profile, contributing refreshing acidity and subtle floral notes. The symphony of complementary white grapes adds layers of complexity, resulting in a wine that dances gracefully on the palate, offering a spectrum of flavors that evoke the essence of the region.

Amelia DOC's Rosato radiates a captivating hue, a result of a minimum 50% Sangiovese entwined with other authorized red grapes. This pale-pink gem reflects the art of balance, showcasing the Sangiovese's elegant fruitiness harmonized with the nuanced contributions of its companions. Aromas of ripe berries and delicate florals intertwine, inviting you into a world of finesse and charm. On the palate, the Rosato dances with lively acidity, a tribute to the region's microclimate, leaving a lingering impression of vitality and sophistication.

Drenched in the rich heritage of the Amelia DOC, the Rosso is a masterpiece composed of a minimum 50% Sangiovese and a symphony of other authorized red grapes. This ruby-red potion encapsulates the very soul of the region, offering a sensory voyage through its sun-drenched hills. The Sangiovese takes center stage, weaving a tapestry of red fruit, earthy undertones, and a hint of spice. Supported by its companions, the Rosso evolves into a wine of depth and character, reflecting the terroir's essence in every sip.

The Vin Santo of Amelia DOC embodies centuries of winemaking tradition, with a minimum of 50% Trebbiano harmoniously blended with other authorized white grapes. This amber nectar, born from the careful drying of the grapes, is a true embodiment of patience and craftsmanship. The result is an elixir of complexity, exuding notes of honey, dried fruits, and toasted nuts. Vin Santo is a tribute to time itself, offering a profound and luscious experience that lingers on the palate, leaving a lasting impression of the Amelia DOC's dedication to the art of winemaking.

In the heart of Umbria, the wines of Amelia DOC stand as a testament to the region's devotion to its land, its grapes, and the artistry of creating wines that reflect the very essence of their origin.