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Nestled in the heart of Italy, the Umbria region boasts of verdant landscapes and historic significance. But among its treasures, the Orvieto DOC stands distinct as a testament to the region's longstanding viticultural tradition. Occupying a generous swathe of Umbria, the Orvieto DOC is a wine region steeped in history and blessed with a unique environment that fosters the cultivation of exceptional grape varieties.

The environment of Orvieto DOC is a harmonious blend of factors conducive to viticulture. The region enjoys a temperate climate, characterized by mild winters and warm, sunlit summers. The interplay of cool breezes from the nearby hills and the well-drained soils, rich in marine fossil deposits, provides a unique terroir. This terroir not only promotes good vine health but also imparts distinctive flavors and aromas to the wines.

While several grape varieties flourish in this privileged environment, two white grape varieties stand out in terms of cultivation and significance – Grechetto and Trebbiano. Grechetto is prized for its robust nature and the rich, full-bodied wines it produces, often with hints of pear, almond, and herbs. Trebbiano, on the other hand, is valued for its versatility and its ability to produce wines that are light, crisp, and aromatic, making it a perfect companion for Grechetto in the region's signature white blends.

In sum, the Orvieto DOC of Umbria is more than just a wine-producing region; it is a testament to how nature and tradition can come together to produce wines that are both reflective of their origin and universally cherished.


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The Orvieto DOC, located in the Umbria wine region, covers vineyards planted on both sides of the Paglia river, that flows through the city of Orvieto on its way to its confluence with the Tiber.

In this region summers are hot and dry, while winters are cold. The average annual rainfall varies between 700 and 1000 mm, reaching its maximum intensity between October and November.  On the other hand, the summer period is marked by low rainfall, with the driest months being July and August.

In terms of soils, the region is dominated by tuffaceous soils and soils formed by bedrock.


Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Grechetto, Trebbiano

The Amelia DOC holds a distinguished reputation for its exceptional Bianco and Muffa Nobile wines, each embodying the unique character of this remarkable region.

The Amelia DOC Bianco is a harmonious fusion that captures the essence of the land's terroir and viticultural traditions. Comprising a minimum of 60% Grechetto and/or Trebbiano Toscano, complemented by other authorized white grape varieties, this blend creates a captivating symphony of flavors. Grechetto and Trebbiano Toscano contribute their distinct personalities, infusing the wine with delicate floral notes and a lively citrus undertone. The additional white grape varieties interlace their own subtle nuances, weaving together an intricate tapestry of aromas and tastes that play gracefully across the palate. Amelia DOC Bianco encapsulates the essence of the region, delivering a vibrant and invigorating experience that harmonizes perfectly with the local culinary treasures.

On the other hand, Amelia DOC Muffa Nobile stands as a testament to the artistry of winemaking, where a minimum blend of 60% Grechetto and/or Trebbiano, alongside other authorized red grape varieties, comes together to create a wine of unparalleled allure. Bathed in a radiant golden hue, Muffa Nobile is a result of the noble rot's transformative touch on the grapes. This process bestows upon the wine enchanting aromas of dried apricot, honey, and delicate florals, weaving a rich and complex bouquet. The palate is an indulgent journey, where flavors of fig, candied orange peel, and a hint of spice intertwine to create a symphony of decadence. Born from the careful balance of nature and craftsmanship, Amelia DOC Muffa Nobile is a remarkable expression of complexity, an exquisite accompaniment to indulgent desserts or a luxurious finale to a memorable meal.

Within the heart of the Amelia DOC lies the artful craft of these Bianco and Muffa Nobile wines, a tribute to the region's unwavering commitment to producing wines that encapsulate its heritage and natural splendor. With each sip, one can taste the dedication of generations of winemakers who have masterfully blended wines that encapsulate the very essence of Amelia DOC's soul.