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San Martino

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Nestled between the picturesques regions of Veneto and Lombardy in northern Italy, the San Martino DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) is a wine lover's haven that beautifully encapsulates the essence of Italian winemaking. This enchanting wine-producing area is known for its rich history, diverse terroir, and a commitment to preserving traditional grape varieties.

The San Martino DOC boasts a unique environment that plays a pivotal role in crafting exceptional wines. Its vineyards are blessed with a climate characterized by warm summers and mild winters, thanks to the moderating influence of Lake Garda. The rolling hills and glacial soils contribute to the terroir's complexity, imparting a distinct character to the wines.

Among the myriad grape varieties cultivated here, two stand out as the most prominent: Groppello, a red grape variety, and Tocai Friulano, a white grape variety. Groppello, with its dark, berry-infused flavors, thrives in the sun-drenched vineyards of San Martino, producing exquisite red wines that are vibrant and full-bodied. Tocai Friulano, on the other hand, produces elegant and aromatic white wines celebrated for their crisp acidity and delicate fruit notes.

The San Martino DOC's dedication to preserving these indigenous grape varieties is a testament to its commitment to tradition. When you savor a glass of San Martino wine, you're not just tasting the fruit of the land; you're experiencing the rich heritage and authenticity that define this remarkable Italian wine region.



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The DOC San Martino della Battaglia includes vineyards in the towns of Sirmione, Desenzano, Lonato and Pozzolengo, all in the province of Brescia, as well as Peschiera in the province of Verona. This DOC is part of the Veneto wine region.

The area experiences mild winters and summers, with warm summers in between. The impact of Lake Garda, where the grapes grow, is mostly to blame for this.

Vineyards must be situated on hills or at their base to be eligible for this DOC. Additionally, the soils need to be mostly calcareous-clayey and rich in minerals.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Groppello

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Tocai Friulano

The San Martino della Battaglia wine region graces us with a captivating selection of red and white wines, each a testament to the land's rich winemaking heritage.

Among the most common red wines, Groppello reigns as a local treasure. Flourishing in the region's sunny vineyards, Groppello vines yield wines of enticing depth and rustic charm. Bursting with red fruit flavors and gentle tannins, these reds delight the palate with their approachable character, perfect for pairing with Italian dishes and Mediterranean cuisine.

As for the white wines, Tocai Friulano stands tall as a beloved choice. Embracing the gentle climate, Tocai Friulano delivers wines brimming with fresh acidity and delightful citrus notes. Hints of almond and floral undertones add a delightful touch, making these whites a perfect match for seafood and light fare.

In the San Martino della Battaglia wine region, winemaking is an art, where passion meets tradition. From the alluring Groppello reds to the captivating Tocai Friulano whites, each bottle carries the essence of the land, a reflection of its diverse terroir and the devotion of local vintners.

As the sun sets over the enchanting vineyards, a glass of San Martino della Battaglia wine transports us to a world of flavors and wonder. Whether toasting to joyous moments or cherishing quiet indulgence, these wines unveil the heart of this extraordinary land, leaving us with a desire to explore more of its delightful treasures.