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Alella is a captivating sub-region nestled in the northeastern corner of Spain's Catalonia, just a stone's throw away from the vibrant city of Barcelona. This picturesque winegrowing area boasts a unique environment that lends itself to the cultivation of exceptional grapes and the production of high-quality wines.

The Mediterranean climate of Alella is characterized by mild winters and warm, dry summers. This ideal climate, coupled with the region's diverse terroir, makes it a haven for viticulture. The proximity to the Mediterranean Sea influences the vineyards, providing a cooling maritime breeze that helps maintain the grapes' acidity and freshness.

Alella is renowned for its production of both red and white wines. Among the most planted red grape varieties are Tempranillo and Merlot, which thrive in the region's well-draining soils and moderate climate. These grapes contribute to the creation of smooth and elegant red wines with flavors ranging from red berries to earthy notes.

When it comes to white wines, Alella shines with Charelo (also known as Xarel-lo) and Garnacha blanca as its predominant grape varieties. These white grapes flourish under the sun-drenched skies of the region, producing aromatic and crisp wines that display a delightful blend of citrus, floral, and mineral notes.

In Alella, the harmony between climate, soil, and grape varieties results in wines that capture the essence of this captivating sub-region, offering wine enthusiasts a taste of Catalonia's viticultural excellence. Whether you're sipping on a Tempranillo-rich red or a refreshing Charelo white, Alella's wines are a testament to the region's unique terroir and winemaking expertise.


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Alella is a Catalan appellation of origin located in the north of Barcelona, near the Mediterranean Sea. It covers the municipalities of Alella, Cabrils, Martorellas, Masnou, Montgat, Premià de Dalt, Premià de Mar, San Fausto de Campcentellas, Vilassar de Dalt, Santa María de Martorellas de Arriba , Teyá, Tiana and Vallromanes.

The Alella wine region features a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The average annual rainfall is around 600 to 700 millimeters  and the vineyards are situated at an average altitude of 100 to 300 meters  above sea level.

The Alella wine region's soil is characterized by a diverse mix of clay, sandy loam, and decomposed granite. The terrain's mineral-rich composition, combined with Mediterranean climatic influences, fosters optimal grapevine growth and imparts distinctive flavors to the region's wines.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Tempranillo, Merlot

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Charelo, Garnacha blanca

In the charming Alella wine region a delightful array of both red and white wines flourish, each boasting unique characteristics that reflect the region's terroir and winemaking expertise.

Among the most common red wines, you will find those crafted predominantly from the robust Pansa Blanca (Xarel·lo) grape variety. These reds are vibrant and fruity, with hints of red berries and subtle spice, offering a delightful balance between acidity and tannins. Some producers might also incorporate international varieties such as Merlot or Syrah, imparting additional complexity and depth to the wines.

On the other hand, the white wines of Alella truly shine, and the Pansa Blanca grape takes center stage once again. The white wines are renowned for their crispness and freshness, featuring notes of citrus, apple, and a pleasant herbal undertone. With a mineral-driven character, they display a remarkable elegance that pairs splendidly with the region's local cuisine.

The Alella wine region's red and white wines are a testament to the rich winemaking heritage and dedication to quality in this Catalan gem. Whether you are drawn to the fruity and lively reds or the crisp and refreshing whites, a journey through the diverse offerings of Alella will undoubtedly leave your palate enchanted and your wine-loving soul satisfied.