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Nestled in the northeastern corner of Spain's Catalonia region, the Terra Alta subregion is a hidden gem that boasts a unique environment for wine cultivation. Known for its rugged terrain, Terra Alta's vineyards are situated at higher altitudes, allowing for a diverse range of grape varieties to thrive. The region's climate is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea to the east and the Ebro River to the south, creating a Mediterranean continental climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters. This climate, combined with the distinctive soils of Terra Alta, creates the perfect conditions for grape cultivation.

Among the most planted red grape varieties in Terra Alta are Garnacha Negra, Garnacha Peluda, Carignan (Samsó), which thrive in the arid landscape, producing wines with bold, fruity flavors and a distinct minerality. On the white grape front, Macabeo, Garnacha Blanca, and Parellada shine, delivering refreshing and aromatic white wines with a crisp acidity.

The Terra Alta subregion has earned recognition for its commitment to sustainable and organic farming practices, preserving the unique terroir that imparts a sense of place to its wines. As wine enthusiasts explore the diverse landscapes and flavors of Spain, Terra Alta stands out as a captivating and environmentally conscious wine destination, offering a taste of Catalonia's distinct viticultural heritage.


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The DO Terra Alta is located in the south of Catalonia, and covers the 12 municipalities of the region with the same name.

The Terra Alta DO has a Mediterranean climate, with abundant sunlight and low rainfall, moderated by the Cierzo and Garbinada winds. However, winters in the region are cold, indicating a small continental influence within the region.

In the Terra Alta DO, the soils have an intermediate texture and a great richness in limestone, in addition to a small amount of organic matter. The vineyards are usually at an altitude of between 300 and 350 meters above sea level.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties:  Garnacha Negra, Garnacha Peluda, Carignan, Samsó

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Macabeo, Garnacha Blanca, Parellada

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Catalonia, Spain, the Tarragona wine region offers a captivating selection of red and white wines that enchant wine enthusiasts around the world.

Red wines take center stage in Tarragona, and among the most cherished varieties is Garnacha (Grenache). This indigenous grape thrives in the region's warm Mediterranean climate, resulting in wines with a radiant ruby hue and enticing aromas of ripe berries and spices. Tarragona Garnacha wines captivate the palate with their velvety texture, luscious fruit flavors, and a touch of gentle tannins.

Another prominent red grape in Tarragona is Cariñena (Carignan). Cariñena wines from the region are deeply colored and exude a charming bouquet of dark fruits, pepper, and earthy undertones. These wines are known for their robust character and excellent aging potential, making them a treasured choice for collectors and wine enthusiasts seeking depth and complexity.

White wines also shine in Tarragona, and one of the most notable white grape varieties is Macabeo. Macabeo wines from the region are fresh and lively, revealing delicate notes of citrus, white flowers, and a refreshing acidity. These crisp and vibrant wines are perfect companions to Mediterranean-inspired dishes and seafood delights.

Amidst the sun-soaked vineyards and rolling hills, Tarragona winemakers skillfully craft a diverse array of wines that showcase the region's rich terroir and the dedication to winemaking heritage. Whether indulging in the sumptuous flavors of Garnacha or savoring the vivacity of Macabeo, each bottle tells a story of Tarragona's timeless allure and a profound passion for creating wines that delight the senses. Raise your glass to Tarragona, a region where tradition and innovation blend harmoniously, resulting in wines that capture the essence of Catalonia's vinicultural treasures.