Austrian Winegrowers’ Association

Austrian Winegrowers’ Association

The Austrian Winegrowers’ Association (AWA) is an organization dedicated to supporting and advocating for wine producers within the different wine regions of Austria, such as Niederösterreich or Vienna. Its focus is not only on fostering a favorable economic environment for the nation's vintners but also emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices within the industry.

AWA was instrumental in the creation of Sustainable Austria, a certification system designed to promote and verify sustainable practices among Austrian wine producers. The certification was developed following years of scientific research and collaboration with technical experts, resulting in a comprehensive two-step process that includes evaluation by an external auditor. This initiative reflects AWA’s commitment to environmental stewardship, responsible resource management, and the promotion of social and economic factors integral to sustainable development.

AWA not only provides a platform for the promotion of sustainable practices but also serves as a support system for Austrian winegrowers, assisting them in navigating through the certification process and adhering to the ever-evolving standards of sustainable wine production. Through these efforts, the Association plays a pivotal role in shaping a wine industry that is economically vibrant and environmentally responsible, reflecting a balanced approach to quality and sustainability in wine production.

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