British Columbia Grape Growers’ Association

British Columbia Grape Growers’ Association

The British Columbia Grape Growers’ Association stands as a beacon for the viticulture community in British Columbia. As a dynamic organization, it seeks to unite and support grape growers, ensuring they are informed, represented, and empowered.

Some of the key objectives of the British Columbia Grape Growers' Association are:

  1. Strengthening the Organization: Central to BCGGA’s mission is to cultivate a solid, united, and proactive organization that provides unwavering support to BC grape growers. This endeavor ensures that the collective interests of growers are prioritized and addressed.
  2. Education and Information Dissemination: Knowledge empowers growers to thrive. The BCGGA commits to educating its members on various vinicultural and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices. Additionally, they regularly relay crucial data, including price, acreage statistics, and grape marketing insights.
  3. Building Robust Relationships: In the complex landscape of viticulture, collaboration is paramount. The BCGGA actively nurtures relationships with a myriad of industry stakeholders, both internal and external. Their partnership ecosystem spans government entities at all tiers, wineries, wine-related industries, other horticulture organizations, and more.
  4. Stability & Profitability: At the heart of its mission, the BCGGA strives for establishing stable and lucrative markets for British Columbia's grapes and wines. This strategic focus ensures long-term sustainability and growth for the province's grape growers.

On the other hand, the British Columbia Grape Growers' Association represents BC growers in a wide variety of areas. Some of the most important are:

  1. Plant Import Regulations: Ensuring the health and sustainability of BC vineyards, BCGGA represents growers in matters related to plant import regulations, advocating for policies that protect and benefit local viticulture.
  2. Risk Management Programs: Recognizing the inherent risks in agriculture, the BCGGA stands by its members in programs such as Crop Insurance & CAIS (Canadian Agricultural Income Stabilization).
  3. Farm Practices Topics: The association actively delves into discussions and decision-making on diverse farm practices, ensuring they are conducive for grape growers.
  4. Rural/Urban Land Use Issues: With BC's evolving landscapes, the BCGGA ensures that grape growers' interests are safeguarded when it comes to land use matters.
  5. Water Use & Conservation: Water is the lifeblood of viticulture. The BCGGA actively partakes in conversations about water use, championing sustainable practices and conservation.
  6. Environmental Farm Planning Program: Acknowledging the symbiotic relationship between farming and the environment, the BCGGA represents growers in the Environmental Farm Planning Program.
  7. Update to the BCMAL Cost of Establishing a Vinifera Vineyard: Ensuring that grape growers are updated with financial nuances, the BCGGA is proactive in providing insights into the costs associated with establishing a vinifera vineyard as per the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Fisheries (formerly known as BCMAL).

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