Consorzio Tutela Vini Soave

Consorzio Tutela Vini Soave

The Consorzio di Tutela Soave stands as a beacon of dedication to the rich viticultural legacy of the Soave DOC. As a private consortium, it represents a collective force of wineries, vine-growers, bottlers, and cooperatives, unified under the goal of fostering the legacy of the Soave Denomination.

Promotion of the Denomination:
The Soave Consortium is not only devoted to the promotion of the Soave wines but is also an ambassador for the enchanting territory from which the wine hails. Throughout both Italy and the world, the consortium elevates Soave's image and recognition through a vast array of initiatives. Tastings, press and trade tours, events spanning both on and off-trade, significant wine trade shows like Vinitaly and Prowein, masterclasses, and groundbreaking collaborations like the Italian Volcanic Wines consortium are the heartbeat of their promotional endeavors. A landmark in their annual calendar, Soave Versus, hosted every September in Verona, emerges as one of Italy's grandest consumer wine and food events championed by a consortium. In addition to these, the Consortium supports wineries in their pursuit of OCM funding, vital for export, and offers a plethora of courses and training sessions ranging from marketing nuances to WSET certifications.

Protection of the Denomination:
Beyond promotion, the Soave Consortium is deeply committed to safeguarding the integrity and authenticity of the Soave Denomination. In partnerships with esteemed universities and research institutions, the Consortium has birthed a plethora of research publications, delving into aspects of viticulture, winemaking practices, the intricacies of soil types, biodiversity, and the ever-pressing issue of climate change. With the vision of ensuring excellence at every stage of wine production, the consortium offers an array of training and educational services, spanning from the vineyard to the consumer's table. Ensuring strict adherence to quality standards, the technical department has, since 2009, been under the vigilant watch of Siquria – an independent quality control and certification entity, recognized by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture. This collaboration ensures that consumers globally receive nothing but the genuine and highest standards of Soave Denomination wines.

Moreover, the Consortium's territorial reach extends beyond just Soave. It also oversees and manages the Consortiums and Wine roads of Lessini Durello, Merlara, and Arcole. This strategic position enables Soave to champion promotions not merely within the realm of wine but to entice consumers through an expansive range of touristic promotions and events.

In essence, the Consorzio di Tutela Soave is the custodian of the Soave legacy, ensuring that every bottle and every sip resonate with the heritage, passion, and excellence that the region embodies.

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