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The Soave DOC, nestled in the enchanting Veneto region of northern Italy, is a captivating wine-producing area renowned for its stunning landscapes and exceptional wines. This cherished appellation is situated in the province of Verona, where the favorable climate and distinctive terroir have given rise to some of Italy's most celebrated white wines.

The heart and soul of Soave DOC wines lie in the Garganega grape variety, which dominates the vineyards and imparts its unique character to the wines. Garganega, with its elegant flavors of ripe pear, white peach, and a subtle almond note, produces wines that are crisp, refreshing, and wonderfully expressive of the region's terroir.

The Soave DOC region also has a significant role in red wine production, with Corvina being the primary grape variety used. Corvina lends its vibrant red fruit flavors and soft tannins to the red wines of the region, creating a delightful contrast to the whites.

The environment in Soave is characterized by rolling hills, volcanic soil, and a Mediterranean-influenced climate, providing ideal conditions for viticulture. These factors, combined with the dedication of local winemakers, result in wines that beautifully reflect the harmony between nature and human craftsmanship. Whether you're savoring a crisp and aromatic Soave white or a lively and fruity Corvina-based red, the Soave DOC promises an authentic taste of this captivating Italian wine region.



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The Soave DOC, that is part of the Veneto wine region, includes vineyards in the towns of Soave, Monteforte d'Alpone, San Martino Buon Albergo, Mezzane di Sotto, Roncà, Montecchia di Crosara, San Giovanni Ilarione, San Bonifacio, Cazzano di Tramigna, Colognola ai Colli, Caldiero, Illasi, and Lavagno. All of them are located in the province of Verona. This renowned wine-producing region is characterized by its exceptional terroir and dedication to producing high-quality wines, with the Consorzio di Tutela Vini Soave playing a pivotal role in ensuring the excellence and authenticity of Soave DOC wines.

The climate of the Soave region is moderate and humid, which benefits the grapes used to make the wines of this DOC. It receives between 700 and 1000 mm of rain annually, with the majority of that falling between spring and autumn and the scorching, dry summers.

The vineyards, which are situated between 35 and 380 meters above sea level, are mostly east, south, and west facing and are bordered by decomposed basaltic rocks.


Most Planted Red Grape Varieties: Corvina

Most Planted White Grape Varieties: Garganega

The Soave wine region unveils a captivating selection of red and white wines, each bearing the mark of the region's rich winemaking heritage.

Among the most common red wines, Corvina stands tall as a cherished local gem. Flourishing in the region's fertile vineyards, Corvina vines yield wines of inviting depth and velvety textures. Bursting with red berry flavors and gentle spice notes, these reds enchant the palate with their smoothness, complementing Italian dishes and Mediterranean fare with finesse.

As for the white wines, Garganega takes the spotlight, embodying the essence of the Soave region. Embracing the sun-kissed slopes, Garganega delivers wines brimming with lively acidity and delightful citrus notes. Hints of white peach and almond add a graceful touch, making these whites a perfect accompaniment to seafood and light cuisine.

In the Soave wine region, winemaking is an art, an ode to the harmonious marriage of terroir and tradition. From the alluring Corvina reds to the captivating Garganega whites, each bottle weaves a tale of passion and pride.

As the sun sets over the picturesque vineyards, a glass of Soave wine transports us to a world of flavors and wonder. Whether toasting to cherished moments or savoring quiet indulgence, these wines embody the heart of this extraordinary land, leaving us with a desire to uncover more of its delightful treasures.